Following Trends – Effect of Technology on Improving Company Culture

Following Trends – Effect of Technology on Improving Company Culture

When you run a company you want to make sure that the organizational culture and how happy and content your employees are at their zenith. Unfortunately, it isn’t always that simple to promote a positive company culture and sometimes you are going to need to think about the ways that you can improve things and get your company to be a place that people want to work.

Of course, there are multiple ways to tackle the task which makes it all the more difficult if you don’t know where to start whether it comes to methods or tools. You might not realize it, but one answer that could be staring you right in the face is technology. Technology is not only useful, but it is also something that is always changing and growing, which could make it the ideal way to communicate change to your business. Not only for you as the owner, but also those who work for you. But how can technology help you improve the company culture amongst your employees?

Technology can help you to reward your employees

We people are simple creatures and many of us will react incredibly positively to positive reinforcement i.e. praise and rewards for a job well done. Technology is a great helping hand when it comes to making sure that your employees feel valued and that their hard work is being recognised. There are a number of performance recognition tools out there that can be used to show your employees just how well they have been performing in their role, as well as the impact that their hard work has on the business as a whole too. So don’t underestimate the role of positive reinforcement even if the format is digital not in person.

It can help promote internal career opportunities

Of course there are going to be some people who are happy to stay in their roles for some time, without worrying about moving into something different. But equally there are also people who want to know that there is a good chance that their career options can grow with their tenure. You can use technology as a way to show employees the internal roles that you have available in your business, giving them the chance to apply for the roles before external candidates, whether it’s a horizontal or vertical promotion.

Technology allows for flexible working

There have been plenty of studies out there to show that giving your employees the ability to work from home in their roles, is one of the best ways to motivate them as well as to improve how they feel about their work. Cloud based software, intranet pages and employee apps are all ways that you can help your staff to work from home depending on their roles, whilst still ensuring that they have access to all the software, systems and information that they are going to need.

It makes it easier to focus on employee communication

You should never, ever underestimate just how important employee communication is to your staff. If employees feel that they are being communicated with properly, that they have the chance to learn what is going on in the business and then in turn give some feedback, this is only going to put you in a good light with them. Not only that – you might even be able to capture some actionable employee insights which can put you at a competitive advantage with other companies in your space. A great way to do this is to provide employee intranet or a communication app, both of which are incredibly useful for this.

Technology can make day to day tasks easier

No-one would deny that making things easier for yourself in your day to day working life, is definitely something that we would all benefit from. Thankfully, technology definitely has the ability to do this. Technology on the whole has been designed as a way to make our lives easier and this definitely extends into the working world. It could be an app that helps you to keep track of your to do list or perhaps things such as shared calendars, which can streamline your teams and make sure that they work well together.

As you can see, technology definitely has a place in our modern world of business. Whether it is allowing your employees the chance to work from home, making their working lives that little bit easier, or perhaps creating a way to communicate effectively with your employees and have them communicate back to you.

With technology being such a useful tool for any business, why not see if it could change anything for you? It might not have instant results, but we can promise you that in the future, you will definitely feel the benefit of embracing the power of technology and seeing where it can take your business and how it can reshape the way you look at company culture.

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