Effective Ways To Generate Leads From Exhibitions

Effective Ways To Generate Leads From Exhibitions

When your business is present at an exhibition, attracting the attention of visitors walking by is one of the most crucial parts of your job. Of course, you would never want nobody coming to your stall even in the wildest of dreams. And if you see visitors are interested more in your neighbor’s booth, then it’s a huge wastage of both time and money. Only when you get more visitors in your stand, you would be able to generate leads for your business. However, using the right strategies and right elements can help you impress your audience at the exhibition and attract them to your stand.

Here are the Most Effective Ways to Generate Leads from Exhibition

1. Get an Award-winning Stand Design

It doesn’t take too much to create a beautiful stall design for exhibition. You really have to think ahead of time and hire the right exhibition stand design companies to get a stall that stands out at the exhibition. Having an award-winning booth design at the exhibition will not only help you stand apart, but also it allows you to achieve massive gains from the exhibition.

2.Using the Right Elements to Relay the Brand’s Message Correctly 

There are many elements that can be used to relay your brand’s message correctly to the people attending the exhibition. Like clear and consistent theme, color scheme and brand’s logo. Eye-catching graphics, appealing lights, LED screens, so on and so forth. Using all these elements correctly can attract more than you expect people at your stand.

3. Right People

Another key factor that plays an important role in generating leads in an exhibition is – your staff or people who represent your stand. In an exhibition you will get to meet different kinds of people, some would be really good, while others may be chaotic. As some would come to attend exhibition for professional reasons; however, few people come to the exhibition for time pass as well. So, the staff that you hire or the employee that you dedicate to your stall for those three days should be able to handle and attend each and every visitor properly. Besides, your staff should be completely aware of your brand, should be interactive, so on and so forth.

Basically, they should be able to answer any query of visitors about your products or services, that too with confidence and full pride. If they themselves won’t be delighted to represent your brand, there are least chances that they would inspire people to connect to your brand at the exhibition.

4. Use of Eye-Catching Graphics

People use simple and plain graphics too, but the outcomes they get are also simple and plain. Using eye-catching graphics at your booth will enable you to attract your target audience. Know that people these days love to see things which are attractive and impressive. Having eye-catching graphics will help you captivate people passing by and they will find a reason to come and interact with you. Eye-catching graphics can brilliantly act as initiators at an exhibition or trade show.

5. Use of LED Screens

Undoubtedly, LED screens are widely popular these days! And why not, they offer a bright focal point for your exhibition booth that help you pull more and more audience to your stand. You can display anything from a demonstration video to a product trailer that you want to promote at the event. It will simply attract people and they would want to know more about your brand! Make sure the video that you share is quite enticing to be able to attract people’s attention at the exhibition.

6. Marketing and Promotion Prior to the Event 

It is highly important that you start promoting and sending event invites to your mailing list well in advance. Remember, having an amazing booth design is the requirement of the trade show, but before that you need to make people aware of your participation in an exhibition. The job can be done effectively by your marketing team. At least three – five rounds of promotional mailers should be sent to your target audience. Besides, you can also send personal invites to people from the industry and others relevant to your business, also market it across all your social media channels to reach more people. Promoting an exhibition to your retailers and prospects will simply encourage attendance at your stand. Make sure all your promotional and branding materials, like brochures, collaterals, e-mailers etc. contain the right information and details about the event, like date, venue, your stand no. etc.

7. Promotional Items 

Giveaways are the perfect way to attract more people to your stand. Of course, no one would ever deny a thing that comes free. Yes, giving promotional items at the event is again another way of attracting more visitors to your stall and generating leads. You can give away anything from mugs to pens, bags to water bottles, key-chains etc. All you have to see is – the item that you give is useful to the people (meaning they would love to use it), and it has your brand name, tagline, and logo printed on it. Giveaways actually create impression on people’s mind for a longer period. Anytime they will see your logo they will immediately recall the bag or water-bottle that you gave them at the exhibition. Also, this is the best way to connect with your audience for a longer period.

8. Follow-up with Your Customers 

Only generating leads at the exhibition won’t be completely useful, unless you follow-up with your customers after the event is over. Follow-up is the most important part of your job if you really want to turn your leads into paying customers. Following up with people visited your stall will leave a great impression on them and you can have them turned as paying customers in longer run.

To Pan out….

Follow these steps and generate leads from the exhibition. Besides, you can also run a competition at your stand. While getting your stand executed make sure all your displays are at comfortable distance, you have got your forms and required material ready before time. Form that will be given to visitors to fill should not contain redundant things, it has to be short, crisp and clear, thereby making it easy for them to fill without getting bored. Also, keep lots of pen around, not necessarily a visitor will come along with a pen (if forms has to be filled manually).

For getting an amazing stand design, contact the professional exhibition stand manufacturers. These professionals can help you have an outstanding stall that can do wonders for you!

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