7 Tips To Effectively Sell Services Online Using WordPress

7 Tips To Effectively Sell Services Online Using WordPress

Many people who migrate website to WordPress are involved in selling services. Such users need to know the effective way to sell services online using WordPress websites. The open source web-building platform has a lot of convenient features which can help in growing your business. It is impossible to create a strong online presence without a high-quality interface. WordPress enables people to build all kinds of business interfaces which can be used to sell products or services. The platform also provides access to numerous tools like plugins which help in improving the quality of an interface. In this article, we are providing some helpful suggestions to improve interfaces which are used for selling services online. These tips will help boost your business by making your website more user-friendly and conversion-ready.

1. Add FAQs To Explain Your Policies

You can instill confidence among the target audience by including detailed policies on your website. People like to find out whether they can trust an enterprise or not before doing business. Adding a Frequently Asked Questions page will help in clearing visitors’ doubts about a lot of issues. For instance, a person might want to know about the money return policy in case of unsatisfactory services. Providing easy to read and transparent documents will be helpful in building trust between you and your audience. You can add a FAQ page to your interface by using a plugin. The job can also be done by using themes which have attractive FAQ sections. Try to think from a prospective customer’s point of view and include all questions which can satisfy their curiosity.

2. Integrate Live Chat To Help Clients

Some people may have specific queries which may not have been answered in the FAQ page. Integrating the live chat feature into your website can help in replying to such questions. The facility will also be found useful by existing customers as they will be able to get help instantly. It will improve customer service and boost the conversion rate of the business at the same time. Live chat can be added to WordPress interfaces through plugins. There are several effective options which are available for free. Installing a suitable plugin will help you enhance your interactions with the audience. You will also be able to discover their pain points and modify your services accordingly.

3. Use Pricing Tables To Communicate Plans

Another feature that can prove to be handy in boosting sales is pricing tables. Most service providers offer different types of price packages to their clients. People like to compare the details of each plan before choosing a suitable one. A pricing table allows you to display all the packages side by side. This enables visitors to view all the details of each program at once. They can make the comparisons easily and then make a selection. There are numerous plugins which can be used to implement the feature on an interface. Some of these tools also come with Google Analytics support which helps in tracking and measuring the conversions. This feature must be used by all entrepreneurs who sell services online using WordPress websites.

4. Showcase Your Best Work To The Audience

Effective SEO techniques and well-composed content mixed with smart promotional tactics can bring good traffic to an interface. However, convincing the visitors to take the desired action and convert into users is an entirely different ballgame. People need to be convinced that your agency is the best option for their job. A good way to impress prospective clients and demonstrate your proficiency is by showing them your work samples. Let’s say you run a web design company which mainly targets law firms. Then you can highlight legal websites built by your firm on your interface. This will help the potential customers in getting a feel of the kind of work you can do. The tactic will also come in handy for professionals like photographers. You can use portfolio themes which have specific sections for showcasing your work. There are plugins too which can be used for the same purpose.

5. Display Client Testimonials On The Website

Another way to build trust and credibility is by displaying client testimonials on the website. Positive feedback from past customers can let potential ones know the benefits you offer. Positive comments from actual clients can encourage new visitors to take the desired conversion action. This kind of social proof has immense potential to influence people’s decisions. Encourage your existing user base to share their experience of working with your business. Make sure that you publish genuine feedback on the website. Many business owners post fake comments on their interface to lure clients. This is not an acceptable practice as your objective is to build trust among the audience. WordPress users can display testimonials in various visually appealing ways by choosing from a range of plugins. They can run slideshows and add client pictures with the comments.

6. Provide The Facility For Booking Appointments

Introducing a feature to book appointments can enhance the user experience of your interface. This strategy can be used even if you are involved in providing online services. For instance, a web design agency can let clients schedule their calls or video conferences through the website. Instead of sending an e-mail or calling to fix a meeting, they can easily do it by logging in to your interface. Just like all other features, appointment booking can also be implemented through a plugin. There are various solutions which will help you set up the feature on your website.

7. Build An E-mail List To Promote Your Business

WordPress supports a range of useful third-party services like e-mail marketing solutions. You can use these services to collect e-mail IDs from your audience and target them through custom newsletters. Integrating a solution like MailChimp lets you build segmented lists and create custom campaigns. You can even automate the campaigns and monitor their progress as well. Incorporating an e-mail marketing solution will help in promoting your business and enhancing user engagement.


Choosing to sell services online using WordPress websites is a sound business decision. The CMS is an efficient platform for building a high-quality interface with optimized user experience. The above-mentioned tips will help you in exploring the potential of the platform to the fullest.

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