Protec Security and Electrical Are Your Local Perth Technology Solution!

Protec Security and Electrical Are Your Local Perth Technology Solution!

Here at Protec Security and Electrical, we offer all things technology – from CCTV camera systems, Alarm system installation, TV wall mounting, Data point installation, WiFi extenders, switchboard upgrades, and all things electrical. In today’s info, we will discuss some great features of new technology CCTV camera systems and some things to look our for in your home electrics!

As a well established Perth company in the southern suburbs, we have based ourselves around Perth Security system and electrical works. As Licensed electricians in Perth, we have the industry knowledge to help you get your renovations or repairs completed and also the technology knowledge to protect your biggest investment – your family home!

CCTV camera systems Perth are a great way to protect your biggest asset from vandalism, damage and loitering. Our high quality CCTV camera systems offer infrared night vision, IK10 vandal resistance, IP67 weather resistance and smart technology like line crossing detection, intrusion detection and motion detection.

What are these smart detection features every mentions when discussing CCTV camera systems Perth?

Line crossing detection:

Line crossing detection on your commercial grade CCTV system is a great feature used to send a notification or alert to your mobile smart phone for a triggered event. A virtual line is drawn on the CCTV camera display and the CCTV camera detects a moving object crossing this virtual line and will tell the NVR (recorder) to send a notification to you via the CCTV system’s server.

Some CCTV camera systems will have basic technology that can detect movement across this virtual line however some new technology that has surfaced recently in Perth can offer SMD (smart motion detection) and can distinguish between Human and Vehicle detection on your Home security cameras.

The smart motion detection is available through some brands such as Dahua and Hikvision and have their own unique product names. We test these new home security cameras extensively before offering to our customers to ensure we know exactly what we’re offering and to check reliability.

Intrusion detection:

Intrusion detection on your commercial grade CCTV is another feature that uses the same principal as line crossing detection except the ‘line’ is now a box that has to be entered and exited to send a notification.

Motion detection:

Motion detection on your commercial grade CCTV system offers some great features however can be unreliable! Unlike some installers we always ensure your main coverage cameras are recording 24/7. Motion detection on your home security cameras is great for the playback menu to show you when there is significant movement however can be unreliable when trying to find small events at your home. Imagine hearing your neighbour has had their fence vandalised across the road and you know your home security cameras face that area and will have recorded the event only to find that there was not enough significant motion to activate the CCTV cameras recording – leaving no evidence at all. The only fool proof reliable option for your home security cameras is 100% 24/7 recording giving your peace of mind.

Home electrical checks:

We often visit Perth homes when completing security or electrical works and find non-compliant electrical works. Some are easy to spot and some require industry knowledge but there are some things you as a home owner can check yourself to ensure your home is safe.

Main earth stake AKA earth electrode. In Perth, every home will, or should have a main earthing electrode installed. This is usually easy to find, either near the switchboard or hot water system, and is easily distinguished by a yellow and green cable exiting the brick to a metal stake with a metal clamp – if you are unable to find this like many of our customers over the years – this may have either been removed during renovations or rusted away. This is a vital component in your home electrical system and requires urgent attention.

RCD protection: In Perth all new homes built require RCD protection on every sub-circuit however this was not the case years ago. RCD (or electrical safety switch) is the only thing protecting you from electrocution should you come in contact with a live conductor in your home or experience a fault. RCD’s are lifesavers and legislation has required the installation of RCD’s where any work is completed altering a circuit where RCD’s are not installed. To check if you have RCD’s or safety switches installed you can take a look at your home switchboard and look for a ‘test’ button. If all of your circuits are in porcelain enclosures or simple on/ off circuit breakers then you may be at risk – sending a photo through to your electrical company will help us give advice on your electrical system.

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