Emergency Plumber – When to call one?

Emergency Plumber – When to call one?

There are some plumbing problems that can wait, and other plumbing concerns that cannot be kept on hold. Such emergencies can take place at any time of the day, any day of the week – and maybe even holidays and weekends when it is difficult to get someone for repairs. Hence, it becomes a necessity for a homeowner to determine which issues need to be quickly fixed by an Emergency Plumber  Melbourne and which of those can be left aside till sunrise.

Some of the emergency situations

So what do you think can be those issues that need to be fixed immediately to prevent further damage or loss to the house? Here are few issues that you need to pay attention to if you are facing it now.

Pipe Bursts

Pristine PlumbingA busted or broken pipe is a sure sign that a plumber needs to be called immediately to prevent any serious damages from occurring. Such situations mostly arise during the winter season when the pipes freeze up due to low temperatures, and then suddenly burst out. If you try to deal with such issues independently, then this could create bigger problems like water damage and home flooding. Hence, it is advisable to call someone for repairs immediately since it is a big risk to your home as well as people staying in it.

Faucet that cannot be closed

When you feel that something is wrong with a faucet or a water supply source in the home and due to this there has been continuously water overflowing out to a sink or a tub, at that point of time you need emergency assistance. At the onset of such problems in the house, it becomes a necessity to call someone in for the repairs. And this can be possible since the person has all the possible special tools to address the matter. If needed, he can also install a better plumbing fixture that can avoid the same problems to occur in future.

Clogged Toilet

This is one of the most horrible situations that people find it difficult to handle at times. When a toilet in your home is clogged up, and you have tried almost everything to remove that particular clog, then it signifies that there may be a blockage in your sewage line or it could be considered to be a sewage issue. If you have just one toilet in your home, then you need to immediately get in touch with a plumber who has the needed technical expertise and appropriate tools to resolve such issues immediately. Apart from all this you also need to check if the person knows how to solve problems related to sewage lines in the most technical manner. Since such issues are sensitive and need to be addressed to at the earliest.

Other smaller plumbing problems apart from the above-mentioned issues can still wait for the next business day to be solved. Being a homeowner, if you have such emergency problems in the house, then I would suggest that you need not think twice about the cost of hiring such people. Since at that point of time you do not have any other help apart from them and they also have the capability to take into consideration the possible damage the type of plumbing emergency has brought including a solution.


If you ever fall into such emergencies then please feel free to contact Pristine Plumbing since they are available 24×7 with an emergency plumber at Melbourne to fix such emergencies.

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