A Happy Employee A Better Business How To Do It Right?

A Happy Employee A Better Business How To Do It Right?

Employees are one of the most vital resources of any business. They are the ones who drive the business and most of its functions. When the productivity of the employees is better the business is better. However, one of the prime ingredients to drive the productivity of the employees is to keep them happy and pleasant for longer periods of time.

It is just not up to the individual to decide to be happy. Employers play a major role in creating an environment where the happiness and productivity of employees thrive.  Does it sound like a daunting task? Well! It doesn’t need to be, they are quite a few things that you can do as an employer which would keep your employees happy.

Open up the doors of communication:

Transparency and openness are the primary ways through which modern organizations manage to engage with their employees. The channels of communication from the very top level of the organization to the lowest level of employees need to be very clear.

It makes a lot of difference in the overall atmosphere of the organization when the top line of executives is approachable to everyone. The lines of communication have to be transparent from both the sides, the organization also needs to give importance to its employees and communicate critical decisions and aspects of the business clearly to the employees.

Modern and free office spaces:

Modern offices are all about free flow whether it is communication or the floor plan. Instead of isolating each employee, modern office plans set up office workstations in a way that every employee would feel like a member of the huge team. Hence, modern offices prefer workstations which don’t block the eyesight of the employee so that they can take a look at the whole space.

Let’s still respect privacy:

While it is great to open up the cubicles, employees would still need some privacy. You can’t have employees breathing on each other in the name of open cubicles. Especially, full time employees would definitely like some confinements similar to an office workstation for them to work with focus and yet stay connected with other team members.

This office workstation could also provide small scale storage facilities such as drawers, cabinets or boxes to store their individual work related files and items securely. This gives them a sense of a space specifically cut out for them yet very part of the bigger scope of office.

Office furniture that fits the needs:

To be happy and comfortable emotionally, employees need to be comfortable physically. Right from the temperature of the office to the office chair one sits in every small physical aspect will have an impact on the mood of the employees. Additionally, it will also have an impact on the health of the employees. Hence, you need to provide the best possible office furniture facilities, so that your employees stay happy and focused.

Bring in a bit of the outside world into your office:

Lighting is an unsung hero, which can drastically change the entire look of any space. Offices need to use this asset to alleviate the ambience of the workspace. The cheapest and the best form of lighting is the natural light. You can make provisions in your office architecture from a free entry of natural light.

Large windows, open balconies or glass walls provide free flow of natural light into the office.

Go green and embrace nature:

A daily dose of nature can be very rejuvenating for anyone; it is even more refreshing for people working in closed environments for very long hours. Hence, it is almost essential to incorporate greenery in office space. With no regard to the size of the place, small provisions could be made for greenery such as hanging pots, flower pots or window creepers. While they keep the mood in the office happy and peaceful, if done right greenery can be an impressive decor for your office space.

Happy employees would not only increase the productivity of your business but also stay longer with your company, reducing your human resource costs. Therefore, a happy employee equal to a happy business.

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