5 Reasons To Motorize Your Window Shades Today

5 Reasons To Motorize Your Window Shades Today

Having energy efficient shades installed in your home windows is definitely convenient. But have you ever wondered what motorizing them can turn out to be like? Many homeowners are finding out that automating the window shades not only offers greater control but can also be fun and playful. Below, we take a look at five good reasons why you should definitely consider motorizing your window shades today –

  • Highly Convenient: Motorizing the window shades means that you will never have to get up from your sofa to pull the shades open. Just press the button on your remote and the shades will open by themselves. What’s more, you will also be able to control many shades simultaneously. So, if you have multiple window shades in a room, you can open or close all of them using one single control.
  • Cordless: Having the cords of the window shades just hang around can cause accidents, especially involving children or pets. By motorizing the shades, you avoid having any cords dangling around. As such, your loved ones are safe from ever being caught in them and injuring themselves.
  • Automation: You can also automate the motorization in many interesting ways. Sometimes the manufacturer may themselves provide the software to do so. And in some cases, you may need a third party software or mobile app to automate the shade motors. But whether it is native or third party apps you use, automation can indeed add more functionality to the window shades. For example, you can set up the shades to open up depending on how sunny the day is, or the shades can close themselves when the rain starts to pour down.
  • Raise Home Value: A big benefit of motorizing window shades is that it gives off a very high value, posh feel to the house. So, if you ever decide to sell your home, the potential buyers will have a more favorable view towards the home when they see such features. As such, you stand a better chance to bargain them into a higher price. Plus, many buyers already expect motorization, automation and other such technologies to be incorporated into their prospective home.
  • Fun And Exciting:  Motorizing the shades and automating them can turn out to be a fun activity, especially for the kids. You can also customize the actions in exciting ways depending on your imagination. For example, you can set the shades to open up and let the sunlight in when it is time to wake up from bed in the morning. Another interesting way will be to incorporate digital lights and use the apps to control both the shades and lights to create a specific ambiance that you can change immediately. This can be especially useful if you are having a party at home.

If the above benefits of motorized window shades tempt you to immediately buy and install them at your home, check into your local home improvement shop and look for energy efficient shades. Ask for the seller’s advice in case you are confused by the many options available.


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