Engagement Ring Trends to Check Out in 2021

Engagement Ring Trends to Check Out in 2021

Engagement rings have diversified significantly through the years, going from a handful of options to countless customizations available today. December tends to be a peak month for getting engaged, but this may stretch out to the first months of the new year until February. Thus, as 2020 comes to a close, you may be curious about what ring trends will be booming in the market in 2021.

When choosing engagement rings, you can never go wrong with timeless and classic pieces that are always on-trend. However, with jewelers constantly finding creative and innovative ways to design the engagement ring, it can be exciting to try something new. If you have plans to go ring shopping with or for a partner anytime soon, you can check out the trends that will be making waves in 2021. You never know, you might just find a new style or cut that strikes your fancy!


Nowadays, you are no longer limited to the classic diamond engagement ring as you can choose from various alternative gemstones and metals. At the top of the list would be emeralds, one of the most popular stones. The beautiful green color adds a touch of personality to the ring, and the stone’s association with new beginnings aligns with the common symbolism of a couple about to be wed. That said, emeralds will require additional care as they are softer than diamonds.

Multi-Stone Rings

Two-stone and three-stone rings have been on the rise for some time now, but they are expected to grow even more popular in 2021. Using petite and small side stones can add a modern twist to the classic ring and provide tons of flexibility in customization. You can opt to have a large stone surrounded by smaller stones to accentuate the centerpiece or go for a non-traditional two-stone ring.


Shopping for engagement rings can be a momentous occasion as it marks one of the most special moments of your life. Thus, more and more customers are looking for ways to add personal touches to their rings. Whether it be a unique cut, custom engraving, or a hidden message, they want to add more sentiment and meaning by customizing their ring of choice. You can expect this to be a major trend in the coming year, especially with social media giving people several ideas on how to make their ring more special.

Vintage and Heirloom Styles

Engagement rings for 2021 are expected to exude heirloom details and vintage aspects as people try to incorporate family traditions into their rings. Vintage and antique rings are known to be sustainable, which adds to their appeal, while also being so intricately designed. Some may choose to reuse a family heirloom and have it refined, while others may opt to get a new ring with vintage details to recreate such a look.

Alternative Gemstones

Diamonds continue to be a classic engagement ring choice, but today, couples are venturing out into alternative options. Colorful gemstones, for instance, are starting to gain more appeal and popularity as they add a pop of color and come in various shapes to suit different styles. Sapphires, emeralds, tourmalines, and other precious stones can certainly give off a modern yet elegant vibe while adding uniqueness to a ring. 

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