Essential For The Moving Day

Essential For The Moving Day

Preparing to move? There are a lot of steps to check out in the middle of deciding that you want to relocate and successfully executing it. From packing and planning to figure out how you are going to unpack and rearrange everything once you are finally done, you will have to frame a long to-do list before you can finally sit back and relax with your new decisions. And then there is the moving day. Though you can hire Agarwal packers to get done with all the moving affairs properly done but few things need to be planned and completed from your side. And for that, there are few ways to make it go a little bit simpler. Follow the moving tips on how to make sure everything goes well on the day of your move.

Keep a proper list of all the minor things that need to get done

Certain move-related tasks have a way of winding up as soon as the truck is on its way. Did you take out those last bags? Did you defrost your freezer? Is your cylinder empty? These small but essential tasks often get pushed aside while you are focused on packing but can leave you trembling at the last minute if you are not cautious. Rather than frantically trying to remember all the little things you have to get done on the day of your move, keep a running list going that covers everything that you have to do. In that way, you can prioritize your time and wake up a little bit simpler if necessary so you have time to get everything done before you finally leave.

Have tips for your movers

If you have a professional moving appointed for your move, you are going to be sure that you have cash in your hand for the moving day tips. Though it is not necessary also not allowed by some moving companies too thus make sure you are tipping them, they must have this thing mentioned in their company’s policies.

Make arrangements for your kid or pets in the morning

If you have kids or pets running around in the house on the day of your move, it can complicate things. It can be very dangerous for the little ones and your furry friends. Initially when you have already figured out plans for your kids or pets before moving day, so it’s just a matter of putting those plans at their correct places early. If you have a friend or family member who can keep a watch on them for you, schedule a pickup or drop them in the morning so that you can focus completely on all the other tasks that need your attention. If your kids or pets will around, do what you can to keep them busy under all conditions, or developing a play area in a separate room would help it too.

Pack a cooler box

Moving day generally involves a lot of heavy lifting and stuff, which in return needs more energy. It’s easy to get distracted and forget to drink or eat enough to stay hydrated, which is why having a cooler packed with water bottles and snacks is a good idea. Fill it up with high protein, such as nuts and dry fruits, pre-made sandwiches, and protein bars. You may also want to consider packing a little bit extra for your hired movers too. You will be glad you have a stocked cooler available when you start to feel tired in the middle of the way.

Don’t forget to move your essential valuables

A moving essential valuables bag is also known as a moving day bag, box, or suitcase that you have to pack up with anything you know you will need on moving day and after the day as well as the crucial documents and things you don’t want to put on the truck. Add things like phone chargers, medicine, prescriptions, extra pair of clothes, toiletries, etc. Keep it up in your car or another place where you can ensure it won’t end up getting loaded for transportation.

Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged

You hardly get the time to surf games and other stuff on your mobile phone on the day of your move, but you should still be conscious of having a full charge mobile. You never know if you may get lost on the way to your new home or need to coordinate continuously with your movers and packers. Keep your phone plugged in as soon as you woke up in the morning on the day of your move. Keep the charger in your essential valuables bag so that you don’t break out in the middle of such a big event in your life.

Leave out some cleaning supplies as well

If you have already done with deep cleaning your home, but even then you should keep basic cleaning supplies available for any unexpected completion of tasks. A dustpan, broomstick, and container with wet floor wipes should be enough. Just like your valuables bag, keep your cleaning stiff somewhere else that they won’t get loaded by the movers by mistake, your car will a better option for this. Once the boxes are sorted out and the space is vacant you will be able to see if any last-minute cleansing needs to be completed.

Take a final round

To make sure that anything essential is not left behind it is advisable to take a final wall through your house. Open all the cabinets, check every drawer, every single closet including shelves to ensure that anything you plan to take with you has been packed and ready to be moved.

There is always a bit of challenge on the day of your move. While it is not possible to expect that everything could go wrong, following the advice above will help you to make sure that you have at last got your main things covered when it comes to moving the stuff. If you need to, ask a friend to come along to help with your move or it is better to call Agarwal packers and movers to take over the entire moving process.

Happy Moving!

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