Most Essential Snowboarding Protective Gear to Wear

Most Essential Snowboarding Protective Gear to Wear

Snowboarding is not as easy as it seems. All those tricks you have seen are practised and mastered for months, but you cannot achieve all these without wearing the proper snowboard gear. Thus, there are plenty of reasons why owning and wearing the proper snowboard gear is very important, especially when it comes to protective gear. 

Similar to other action sports, snowboarding comes with its risks and injuries. Whilst nobody wants to get injured, its risk is worth it, considering the thrill and adrenaline this sport brings. 

Getting injured in sports is inevitable, but there are so many ways to minimize the chances of getting injured. Or perhaps, minimize the risk of getting injured seriously. So, how do you keep yourself safe while snowboarding? 

It is quite simple; suit yourself with the appropriate snowboard protective gear. Read the rest of this post courtesy of brands like Burton to guide you in learning the essential protective gear you must wear when you are hitting the slopes and shredding snow. 


Of course, you cannot snowboard without a helmet. Snow is not as fluffy or as soft as what you have seen on TV. Snow on the mountain is solid and will give you concussions if you are unfortunate enough to hit your head. Thus, wearing a helmet should be a no-brainer. Before, a lot of snowboarders ignored the importance of wearing a helmet.

But after a series of accidents that involve serious head injuries, all-mountain resorts require all newbie and experienced snowboarders to wear a proper helmet. Make sure when you buy a helmet, it fits your head’s shape properly. Make sure you can adjust it in a way that it will not move on your head. Lastly, make sure to buy from trusted brands. 


Protecting your eyes is equally important as protecting your head when snowboarding. With this in mind, you must include goggles on your list of the essential snowboarding protective gear. Goggles protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun if you decide to spend the entire day on the mountain. 

Also, snowflakes and other debris can injure your eyes, and only goggles can prevent this from happening. Buying goggles is the same as buying a helmet; make sure it fits your face perfectly and can be adjusted easily.


Also known as mittens are important protective gear pieces in snowboarding. It will not just keep your hands warm, but they also protect your hands from injuries from skid marks and snow burns. Solid ice and snow can cut your hands, so it is proper to wear gloves or mittens while riding your board.  When buying gloves, make sure it fits your hands perfectly to freely move them without any distraction. 

Thermal Suits

This protective gear ranges from the outer and inner garment. It can be a hoodie, a jacket, or a thick layer of an insulated garment to keep you warm while you ride your board. This protective gear is very important, especially when the mountain’s temperature starts to plummet. Also, thermal suits serve as a protective layer for snow burns, cuts, and skid marks. When buying thermal suits, make sure it fits your body perfectly. Make sure the suit snuggles your body perfectly to give you warmth and comfort. Also, it is best to purchase this protective gear from a reputable brand such as Burton. 

Knee Pads

Falling is part of snowboarding; getting injured is also part of the experience. But, whenever you fall from your snowboard, make sure you get up without a scratch. Thus, wearing a knee pad is utterly important in snowboarding. 

Most people fall on their knees in snowboarding, so do not ever forget to wear a protective gear pair. Knee pads offer more protection than the usual cuts, burns and skid marks. It also minimizes the chances of suffering from a muscle tear, ACL, and ligament damage due to accidents. 

In a sport like snowboarding, injury is always there. But, wearing the protective gear listed above will ensure that you can enjoy the sport worry-free. So, are you ready to conquer the mountains with your snowboard? 

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