Face Mask Custom Design Provides Platform Brands to Reinvent Business Line
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Face Mask Custom Design Provides Platform Brands to Reinvent Business Line

Face Mask Custom Design Provides Platform Brands to Reinvent Business Line

For the past few months, wearing facemasks has become a norm for millions of Americans. Numerous brands that previously focused on making apparel, footwear, or any luxury products are joining the league of adding facemasks into their production line. The customers have also become more vigilant to prevent the spread of Covid-19, and therefore demand moth covers when they have to leave home. As wearing has become new normal, why not make it more fashionable and trend with customizable face masks. The customizable face masks enable fashion labels to let their customers create design face covers with customization solutions.

Face Mask Custom Design Enables Fashion Companies to Reinvent Their Business

It’s well known to people that the masks they are buying from their favorite retailer don’t necessarily have to be N-95 used by nurses, doctors, and other frontline medical workers. The experts believe that even cloth face coverings can slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others. Fashion brands saw a massive opportunity in this sector, and many hospitals demanded more manufacturing of facemasks, and thus, they commenced making fashion facemasks.

Let’s walk you through how customized facemasks can help to revamp fashion models:

1. Many New Types Coming In 

Many feel anxious that surgical masks were eroding their individuality with travel companies and countries around the world, finally coming down on the side of mandatory facial coverings in public. Fortunately, one artist turned-accidental-entrepreneur has come up with a solution to social hygiene that is as distinctive as people are.

Using user-submitted photos, the company makes facial coverings that match your features and skin tone – with the pledge to make the wearer “more easily recognizable during viral pandemics.” Similarly, the customize face mask enables brands to let their buyers design a one-of-a-kind facemask that depicts their fashion sense and prevents them from catching the virus.

2. Fashionistas Influencing Trends

The coronavirus pandemic is not an excuse for a fashion show. Still, people are losing their ability to communicate through smiles, and visual cues as most faces are covered up. Fashion brands had to come up with alternative ways of making a first impression. Fashion has always been a platform for self-expression. As face masks quickly become a part of daily routine, many people choose to showcase their style through them.

Many brands – both small businesses and established labels alike are rallying to make face masks accessible and have a “buy one, donate one” policy. Others are re-purposing left-over materials in an attempt to reduce waste and up-cycle.  And many fashionistas are influencing people how people can dress up with trendy face covers and due which fashion houses are compelled to meet these demands.

3. A Novel for Community Service

The COVID-19 crisis has caused fashion and textile companies, including ones in Los Angeles, to refocus their businesses and align with a common goal: to address the urgent need for face masks and hospital gowns. Major fashion brands have stepped up to help SMEs or even hospitals produce many needed supplies, including facemasks and gowns. LVMH has gained 40 million medical-grade face masks from a Chinese industrial supplier to distribute to French health authorities. Italian brand Prada also produced a run of 80,000 overalls and 110,000 face masks at one of its factories for Italian medical personnel.


As facemasks have become an integral part of our lives, they could well be turned into an accessory. Therefore, many fashion labels and designers have joined the league to make boring and monotonous masks into a fashionable item. With customization, masks, like clothes, are becoming a way of self-expression. The customizable face masks by iDesigniBuy allow brands to rise to the occasion and provide their customers with a chance to create a funky face cover.

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