Factors To Remember While Buying Solar Panel

Factors To Remember While Buying Solar Panel

Solar panels are designed in a way so as to absorb the rays of the sun for the purpose of using it as a source of energy to generate heat or electricity. In other words, solar panels are devices that convert light energy into electricity. There are varieties of solar panel brands available in the Gurgaon market, narrowing down to the best brand may be quite a difficult task. The following are few factors to keep in mind while you buy solar panels in Gurgaon. Installing Solar Panels Bright, Gurgaon – solar power system installers, information, energy production and statistics for Bright, India.

  1. Your Requirement

When you set out to buy solar panels, the first thing you need to decide is for what purpose do you require these solar panels. Do you need them for commercial, industrial, residential, or just lighting purposes? Solar panels usually mention their application; this will help you to narrow down on your search to a great extent.

  1. Efficiency and power output

Before buying the panels, compare efficiency and power output of various brands. Efficiency refers to the rate at which the solar panels convert solar energy into power. If you buy panels with higher efficiency rate, you will need lesser number of panels to generate an equal amount of power as generated from more number of lower efficiency panels. Thus, you will also save on space required for the panel installation. Power output, on the other hand, is the DC current produced by panels. Solar panels with a higher power rating are always better. Usually, the power rating ranges from 200-350W on the panels.

  1. The Brand’s Credibility

While buying solar panels, another important thing to check is the credibility of the manufacturer. You need to do a research on the brand you are buying, its history, customer’s experience and its annual performance among other things. Always buy brands that are reliable. Nowadays, finding a reliable brand may be tough as many new manufacturers have taken up this solar panel manufacturing business.

  1. Cost Criteria

While installing solar panels, the cost is definitely one of the most important factors to consider. After deciding on the solar panels you want to install based on its efficiency, power output, and brand credibility, you now have to calculate the number of panels required by you, which would depend on your daily power consumption. Thus, your total cost can be calculated based on the per watt cost of the solar panel.


When you buy solar panels in Gurgaon to install on the roof of your house or commercial establishment, it is not only a great way to cut off on energy costs but also helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as our dependence on fossil fuels

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