How to Fatten Your Wallet in 2019 with Real Money Games

How to Fatten Your Wallet in 2019 with Real Money Games

The diverse benefits of play for children has been well documented. Playing is not about goofing off, it is an important means of reducing anxiety while contributing the overall well-being. Nowadays, adults have become more interested in playing different online games.

Do you know what all online games have in common? It offers a sense of engagement and pleasure, taking the player out of the sense of time and place. The experience of playing games is fun and not to forget the happiness when the game is completed.

If you are someone who wants to earn huge bucks while playing online games, then stay tuned. Here is the list of genuine real money games online that can bring money right into your wallet. So without further due, let’s get started…


The amazing platform allows you to test multiple games. You simply have to create your account on Playtestcloud. While you check your inbox, you will notice a Thank You email from Playtestcloud with some rules. Read them carefully and install it on your device.

You have to record a video of 5 minutes of playing the game. Speak aloud while capturing the video and review the game honestly. Once done, the software uploads the video to the server for review. After this, there are a few more questions sent to the player that is to be answered. Within two days you receive money via your PayPal account.

A quick review

  • Legit
  • Approx $9 for each successful game review
  • You are sent games via email on a weekly basis
  • Can be accessed on any device (computer, laptop, smartphone)
  • You should have an active PayPal account

2.Wealth Words

As the name depicts, this games makes you wealthy with the help of words. Amazing online crossword game that not only amplifies your bank balance but also takes your skills a notch higher. Dive into the world of words and unleash your inner wordsmith. Play the game anywhere, anytime from any digital device having a strong Internet connection.

This game is certainly a sureshot escape from the hectic day-to-day life. The perks of playing this daily crossword puzzle game are many. Especially because you can win upto $3000 cash prize. Isn’t that a huge amount?

Play free or open games, submit your answers in the active time frame and win cash prizes.

A quick review

  • Authorized game
  • Brain sharpening game
  • For students, adults and elderly
  • Prize money upto $3000


Download the game from Google Play Store and use the code JK62663 to receive an initial reward of 0.5$ in your wallet. Once done, look for these three options:

  • Premium picks
  • WHAFF picks
  • Other picks

Every section comprises of a few tasks that have to be completed. Choose any featured in any section and earn money. Once you reach the minimum payout threshold ($10), you can transfer your money to PayPal account. This game also allows you to buy gift cards for Facebook, Google Play store and more.

A quick review of WHAFF

  • Reliable
  • 4.4 Play Store rating
  • Safe payment via PayPal.

Other real money games include Big Time, Bulb Smash, Boomerang and PIVOT

You can utilize your time by downloading and playing these games without investing any money. Stay happy every weekend as these genuine real money making platforms help you win huge bucks and fatten your wallet.

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