Features That the Concrete Pump With Mixer Must Have

Features That the Concrete Pump With Mixer Must Have

There are 2 essential machines which you can’t do without in a construction company: concrete pump along with a mixer. Construction companies need a great deal of concrete for each project. Together with the growing rate of labor expenses, it is far better to depend upon a concrete pump with mixer to get the job done instead. It not simply saves a lot of money but also increases productivity. If you still don’t have this machine, be sure to keep in mind the following features while buying.

1. Maximum delivery distance

It is possible to calculate the utmost delivery distance of your respective concrete mixer and pump vertically or horizontally. Usually, vertical distance range from 30 meters to 150 meters. On the flip side, the horizontal distance is different from 100 meters to 700 meters. Ensure you buy one that increases the productivity in just about every construction project.

2. Pipe diameters

The pump comes with two outlets in these machines. One is the key outlet whilst the other helps in delivering mixed concrete. Bigger concrete pumps with mixers have pipes with massive diameters, delivering huge quantities of concrete in every session. In addition there are pipes with smaller diameters. These are typically common for smaller machines. Ideally, you should get one that has pipes with diameter ranging between 100 mm and 125 mm. The diameter in the delivery pipe ought to be between 80 mm and 125 mm. Pipes with bigger diameters can deliver a tremendous quantity of concrete smoothly.

ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer Pump

3. Delivery cylinder

Delivery cylinders can be bought in various sizes, such as 140 x 1100 mm, 140 x 180 mm, and 180 x 800 mm. These cylinders are incredibly crucial for any concrete pump with mixer. You should go with a mixer and pump in accordance with the duration of your projects. A concrete pump with mixer needs to be balanced so it might help in every form of construction work.

4. Discharge capacity

A concrete pump with mixer for sale usually has two variants: one that features a charge capacity of 200 or 260 liters. It can be best if you should purchase a machine which includes the best charge and discharge capacity. This enables the pump to delivery huge quantities of concrete in just about every session.

The discharge capacity works slightly differently in comparison with charge capacity. Discharge capacities are available as 300 and 350 liters. It is best to opt for the 350 liter variant. However, if you don’t desire to spend a whole lot, you can get the 300-liter pump. Perfect for smaller projects.

Concrete pump with mixers are available both as stationary and portable units. The stationary machines are inexpensive. But you will have to arrange a permanent location to really make it work. Portable versions, however, are more useful for construction companies. You can bring them anywhere you need. They may have similar capacities as stationary machines. With regards to price, portable units are costlier.

Now you know everything about concrete pumps with mixers, you shouldn’t have difficulties while purchasing one. Be sure to keep these traits under consideration to enable you to purchase a unit that provides full value for money.

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