Features To Look For In A Qulaity Massage Chair – A Comprehensive Guide

Features To Look For In A Qulaity Massage Chair – A Comprehensive Guide

The workload and stress in today’s time have led to many physical problems for most individuals. Many face issues like lower back pain, neck pain, wrist issues and more due to prolonged hours of sitting on the laptop or PC. It is impossible to get a masseuse every day as it is expensive and impractical. In Australia, around 11.9 million individuals work in either corporate or commerce. The best practical solution for the 8.3 million homeowners in the country is to purchase the best massage chair in Australia and utilise it daily. 

Around 16% of the Australian population (4 million) complain of back issues almost annually. The percentage is only growing since most of the workforce in big cities like Sydney and Perth has shifted to the WFH (Work from Home) system due to an increase in cases of COVID-19 in Australia. People are looking for ways to unwind and find their self-care routine that is minimal and at home. Investing in a chair with multiple massage features will benefit the individual purchasing it and other home residents. It can be a family affair where everyone takes turns using the relaxing machine. 

Tips to keep in mind while purchasing a massage recliner online:

The chair industry in Australia makes a revenue of approximately 4.7 billion, as per reports in 2022. Many companies are inventing new designs and different models of chairs with unique features. Due to this, most people are perplexed with the decision-making due to numerous options available. To buy the best massage chair in Australia, they must look for the following features:

  • Recline specifics: Many massage recliners are available with varying depths of recline angles. Brands like inTouch, for instance, have chairs that recline almost all the way. Certain brands recline only 45 degrees. It depends on the consumer who wishes to purchase the product. As per statistics, the number of youngsters living in Australia is over 75% of the total demographic. This group of individuals prefer to purchase massaging chairs that recline over 45 degrees, allowing them to have a nap while enjoying the massage.
  • The intensity of massage: It is an essential step to keep in mind while investing in the best massage chair in Australia. The 2D massage intensity is where the roller massagers move along the X and Y axes. They move either up and down, left and right. 3D massage intensity will allow the rollers on all three axes X, Y and Z. The 4D massaging technology gives a deeper massage that works best for individuals with severe neck, shoulder and back pains. This chair will help relieve all the knots in the muscle, giving instant relief.
  • Upholstery: The fabric is also a factor to consider while looking for a massaging chair. Most Australian homes, especially in the suburbs of Melbourne and Queensland, have leather as the fabric on the furniture. The massaging lounge chairs are also predominantly made from leather to give them a classic look. Some upholsteries for this chair are made from polymer fabrics since few people prefer them over leather. 
  • Price: Several brands make affordable and reasonable-priced massaging seats. People on a budget can visit online stores to view seasonal deals on these products. A good-quality massaging lounge chair can range between $2000 to $6000. As the price rises, the additional features increase. People looking for a simple 2D massage intensity can purchase chairs between $2000 to $4000. People willing to spend a little extra for advanced features can opt for high-end chairs. It is worth every penny spent!

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