Five Ways Of Improving Customer Experience In Libraries

Five Ways Of Improving Customer Experience In Libraries

A library is an assortment of books. Some of these books are useful for academic purposes, whereas others help the readers reach newer heights of knowledge; some take you to the realms of enlightenment.

A library is a repository of books from different eras, subjects, topics, walks of life, etc. Many books are in very high demand and not available elsewhere. Naturally, many people come to libraries to read them and satisfy their quest for knowledge.

Libraries are so beloved that some people spend a lot of their daily time, gaining insightful and worthwhile information.

Despite the availability of books in the PDF format online from many sources and the use of devices like Amazon Kindle, people find reading paper books a rather contemplative activity, and, thus, visit libraries.

However, the shortcomings of library management have plagued the practice of maintaining libraries. Most of these issues are solved by properly sorting the books, i.e., sorting them in the right order. Thus, we find books on corresponding shelves, namely fiction, poetry, novels, science, etc.

There are still many things that can help a librarian improve the library’s customer satisfaction and customer service.

Here are five methods to improve customer services in libraries.

1 Have a Pleasant Atmosphere

A library is a place where people fulfill their need for the quest for knowledge; therefore, they do not want to interact with others. Also, libraries have notices of pin-drop silence to ensure that there is no noise.

Libraries with solemn staff members do not get useful feedback, and they never upgrade.

Therefore, minimum interaction between the staff and the readers can be beneficial for the library. The readers can feel free to express their concerns and voice out issues they face and need changes with.

2 Digitalise Some Aspects

Although this is the digital era and many things are available online, including eBooks, many book lovers still prefer reading hard books and regard it as an unmatched sensory experience.

Nevertheless, the age-old practice of library maintenance is still running with outdated methods. One of them is registering the books with the analog process; whenever someone wants to take a book and him or her, the librarian has to make an entry in the record book.

This method is prone to errors; a wrong entry of a single digit of a user’s ID can make the book irretrievable. Also, finding the right name either of the book or the person it has been assigned can be tedious.

The digital method of assigning books can be beneficial. All you need to do is scan the book’s QR code and register the user’s ID on the system. This can also help you keep track of the available books and give unmatched customer services in libraries.

3 Be More Person-Friendly

One of the things most libraries still have in practice is carrying rucksacks and other similar items. It is an adequate measure to avoid theft of books. However, it is very restrictive; many people visiting libraries are students or employed persons. Thus, they have to carry backpacks.

One way to make sure no theft attempt is made is by implementing CCTV cameras in every corner of the library. Also, everyone entering the library has to submit a photo identity proof that can be used against them in such an attempt of transgression.

Thus, instead of implementing the signage, “Admittance with rucksacks are not allowed.”, the sign “You are under constant the CCTV vigilance.” more customer service-orientated.

Doing this will increase the number of visitors to the library.

4 Increase the Methods of Interaction

A library is a place where the interaction is minimal; the readers should not feel distracted. However, sending and receiving important communication is essential too.

While registering someone for the first time, the librarian does note the contact details like email IDs, phone number, etc. This information can be ideal for sending important information.

You can send communications like the contract nearing expiry, the book handover period coming to an end, and new books’ availability. This way, the regular visitors and subscribers to the library will not miss any critical updates.

5 Suggest New Books

This option is only possible for someone to offer the library’s regular visitors if they have the right way of finding the customer’s records like preference in the genre, author, etc.

Digitalising the method of handing and receiving the books can help you to look for such patterns. You can suggest newer iterations of the genre or author accordingly.


These were five ideas to improve customer services in libraries and increase customer satisfaction. It will also increase the number of customers.

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