Forex Trading: Trade Your Favorite Currency Pairs In The Language Of Your Choice

Forex Trading: Trade Your Favorite Currency Pairs In The Language Of Your Choice

ABC FX Brokers (name changed) is an online FOREX trading platform entity, based on the island nation divided into northern and southern territory, situated on the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea, separating North Africa and Southern Europe. Known for its pleasant Mediterranean weather, marvelous seaside mountain cliff views, and pristine beaches, which certainly draws in the sun and sand, seaside-loving tourists, from all of the Mediterranean countries and beyond. Besides tourists, this island nation has become a beacon for businessmen and investors alike, coming in from the world over. The lure of very lucrative real estate investments being one key attraction for these folks, besides easy formalities for setting-up shop to carry on all manner of international businesses, ranging from incorporating holding companies for merchant shipping, to FX trading firms wanting to make the most of the global, nearly 5 trillion dollars in average daily turnover, the latter activity capturing the imagination of investors, big and small from all parts of the world.

Our client, ABC FX is quite a recent entrant into the market having begun operations only a couple of years earlier, the owner of which himself started out being a day trader, and who is currently in his mid 30s, and who earlier was working as an FX analyst in a much bigger and well-known FX trading firm based in Denmark. One is uncertain as to why he left that comfortable job, but whatever the reasons best known to him, our client left the usually snowy and wintery Nordic Copenhagen, and settled down in this Mediterranean island. And speedily started his FX venture, knowing full well the kind of interest, he could attract from FX traders world over – from Tokyo to New York, London to Cape Town, translated, he very well knew he would be able to easily carve out a niche for himself, given the size and volume of the daily trade, predicate on a good trading platform, and transparent, reliable buy and sell rates.

The client’s initial optimism though well-founded ran into a bit of rough weather, a year and a half post the incorporation, whereby the nominal fee-based service began to plateau in revenue, new customer account openings began to trickle down to a near halt, and this alarming situation led our client to a strategic analysis, as to what was causing this slowdown. A deep and honest introspection, led him to the firm conclusion that be it the European traders, Eastern or from the Western parts of Europe, be it the Arab clients from Middle Eastern countries, or be it the Chinese and Japanese day-traders from the far-east, all expected, wanted, seriously desired, a trading environment in their respective native language, while he was then offering only an Anglo-Saxon “English” laced trading platform.

A simple online search for a top-notch translation Agency, whom he could immediately partner with, to turn this situation around to his advantage, and at the same time, serve as a reliable partner for future growth, was the urgent need of the hour. A simple text message left on our website prompted an immediate reply, and serious attention by one of our Sales Rep stroke Communication Specialist, specialized in serving Financial Services related industry business needs. And the relationship has been smooth sailing ever since, with client’s FX trading platform website, is now enabled in at least a dozen odd languages to serve respective geographies, and new account openings for the trading platform, and trading turnover has been growing ever since applying the multiple language based enhancements.

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