Four Waste Management Tips for Businesses

Four Waste Management Tips for Businesses

It’s 2020 – the beginning of a decade that will undoubtedly see the focus on the environment reach its zenith. Individuals, governments and businesses will have to change how they act or face serious boycotts and fines. In light of this growing public sentiment to cut down on emissions and wastage, this article targets your waste management system. There are several steps you can take to make your business significantly more eco-friendly. Read on to discover four key innovations that’ll help you manage your waste in 2020 and beyond.

Look to Suppliers

Many of your products and materials are delivered by suppliers who use poor packaging methods. Many of these won’t be recyclable, and it’ll be your company that takes the heat when inspected, on just how much waste you’re throwing away into landfill. By contacting your suppliers, and asking them to cut out non-recyclable packaging, you’ll be having a knock-on effect across your industry, helping not only your business but other businesses in your sector respond wisely to the environmental crisis. Waste management is often about such communication – sensible decision-making based on known facts and alternatives.

Recycle Effectively

When you receive recyclable waste in your business – or you produce some yourself – you’ll find a way to dispose of this waste so as to get it to a recycling facility. But your system here is likely not as effective as it could be – especially if you’re neglecting to take advantage of baling machines. These crush recycling into compact cubes of waste for collection.Buy the wire to tie these bales from, and set up a relationship with your local recycling plant, in order to get this waste shifted as quickly and effectively as possible from your business facility.

Training Staff

Much of the waste that takes place within the four walls of your business may be avoidable. You’ll find out by taking a thorough audit of all the areas of your business that produce waste, and by interviewing managers in these sections. Ultimately, you’ll reach the conclusion that your staff need to be far more conscious about the waste that they produce day-to-day, in order to significantly reduce the volume that you cast aside each week. Run this training to get your staff up to speed with your new systems in 2020.

Move to Zero Packaging

When your products leave your facility, they’ll be packaged to remain protected for the duration of their journey to the customer. The problem, of course, is that more waste is produced by the consumer, and you’re leaving it in their hands to choose to recycle or not. This choice may be the responsibility of the consumer, but you’re able to have an influence by reducing your packaging, or at least by using solely recyclable materials to make your final impact on the waste that your company generates.

There you have it: four important tips to help you reduce your waste and manage it effectively in 2020 and long into the future.

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