Franchise Trends for Success in 2019

Franchise Trends for Success in 2019

As we waved goodbye to 2018 and welcomed 2019, it is that time when we start looking into the new or upcoming business trends. Let’s see what is not working, what is working or what might work for potential entrepreneurs. The trends we are going to discuss today may enable you to develop you as a successful business owner or as modern day franchise business owner.

Before you start any business you should ready for the worst, this will make sure you are ready when the market starts to shift in a negative direction. However, always remember that knowledge is the power and if you have gathered enough knowledge about the market, you can take necessary steps before situation make a dent in your balance sheet.

Take a look at these projected business franchise opportunity trends in 2019. Read carefully how can they affect your business, or how they might affect your decision on signing on with a certain type of franchise model.


Various franchise business owners today are taking the initiative to expand their service by owning multiple stores in a diverse region. If you are looking forward to reducing your risk and want to increase your business wealth, consider owning multiple franchise business.

The more choice you have, the more secure you are. Though it is certainly not necessary, however, it is a great choice to build your career.

The bank is ready to help

Due to the economic downturn, people weren’t able to fund their franchise business earlier. However, there’s potential that this will change now. We can already see growing trend of capital lending by various national and private banks to the people who want to begin their Franchise Business. So if you want to establish a franchise business, 2019 might be the year you start to physicalize your dream of owning a franchise business.

Online is the key to success

The Internet is everywhere. Today, with the help of the internet, brands are making millions online. A robust online market presence translates into a diverse customer base, region flexibility, reduced promotional expenses and efforts and many more for a franchise business owner. A maximum number of times a franchisees business will maintain their personal corporate website, in other hands, a local business may own a social media page. Before starting up your venture, to be successful make sure you have a great marketing plan that can convert netizens into your loyal clients.

Look for changes in management

If you have been watching the news, you know how frequent it is for a bigger fish purchasing the smaller chains! Many times by the similar industry, though there’s no rule behind it. Anyway, if you own a franchise business you must know if there any changes in the upper management, and what potential switch- up means for your business, because of this affect you as well.

Managing the franchise business

Almost 60% of franchise locations are managed by a single person, rest 40% is generally ran by multi partners or corporations. It’s great news for either end of the spectrum- whether you want to start a new franchisee by your own or want to reduce risk by taking in a business franchise opportunity, you have the flexibility to choose what might best work for you. The main objective should be gathering knowledge about each setup so you will have a better understanding of the difference and how your business will run.

Mobile platform and online shop

This is not a particularly new trend. However, it is growing rapidly unlike other methods. A vast number of franchises are working towards making their product or services more accessible for their clients. They are using diverse types of platforms like moving vans, on spot sell or selling products/ services online. This trend will certainly increase in 2019 since this particular method has the power to reach out far most distance with lower cost.

Personalized experience

Customer loves personalized experience, and we have clearly seen several franchisee business owners providing what consumers want. 2019 will not be any different. And to be successful, as a franchise owner you should think how tailored experience you can provide to clients. Business like personalized franchise business is way too much success because they always produce a product that customer desire. So if you want to start your franchise business, start from where you can provide your customers with a personalized experience.

If you’re thinking of reaching your consumers more quickly, you might be in the market for a business with such capabilities.

Franchising is witnessing continuous growth as a whole, while specifics are improving year by year. To learn more regarding how these changes can affect your future business opportunity, it is advised you contact a professional.

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