Generac Generator Parts and Accessories for Optimal Performance

Generac Generator Parts and Accessories for Optimal Performance

Keeping your generator in tip-top condition is a very good habit. Some people hardly ever use a generator, but it is always good to exercise your unit to ensure it will not let you down in times of need.  There are some good practices that you will need to follow when you buy a model for home use. The oil and fuel need to be drained out before you store the unit as it can make the tank rusty. This is important for areas where the air is salty such as at the beachside or when the humidity levels are high.

The gulf coast in Texas and South Atlantic states has a humid subtropical climate with very humid summers. In these areas the risk of corrosion is high. To ensure the generator parts do not get corroded you have to protect it by using a cover and storing it well. Fuel tanks made of stainless steel or plastic will never get rusted. Some manufacturers make generators that come with plastic fuel tanks to eliminate the risk of corrosion. Near the coastal areas, it is good to buy portable units with stainless steel or plastic gas tanks.

If you have a Generac generator at home or work, make sure all the accessories and parts you select for it are genuine. The cables that you use also need to be genuine and it is a good to buy the branded items from the dealer site. The generator is used in an emergency or for recreation and for this reason it has to be good with its performance. When your unit does not function due to some faults you can show it to an electrician who will advise you the right parts for it. If you know well about your unit you can troubleshoot the problem on your own and buy the parts online. If the generator takes regular maintenance the service professional will advise you on specific parts.

Learning more about the anatomy of the device will help you in the long run as you will be able to identify the basic problem with it. If you know what has gone wrong, you can explain it to the technician.   Sometimes the sound of the generator may change due to the load changes and that is nothing to worry about. Portable models make noise when the engine is running and a good alternative to such generators is the inverter models. These are the least noisy and are also easy to maintain.

The number one problem with generators that fail to start is the battery. Eighty percent of all battery failures are caused by sulfation buildup. The lead sulfates accumulate on the plates of lead-acid batteries and prevent it from functioning. It is good to clean the grimy and loose connections as and when required. The cable connections also need to be cleaned and tightened.

The generator will also not start if the coolant level is low. This can be caused by external or internal leaks. Look for puddles of coolant during weekly inspections and also check the oil for any color change. Some generator models feature the low coolant level alarms, but many do not. Keep the engine coolant in the garage and add more to the tank if need be. Block heaters maintain the cooling system temperature and keep the cylinder liners expanded. Generators that have the block heaters do not heat much due to the coolant. Maintaining the cooling system of the generator will prevent fuel, oil and coolant leaks.  Change the hoses and the water pump if they show signs of wear, cracks, bulges, and leaks. Always keep the hose clamps tight.

Generators have rotary parts and with the friction created by the engine, some parts may wear down. These parts need your attention and may need more frequent change. Keeping extra engine oil, coolant, and an oil filter in the garage is a good idea. This way you do not have to worry about buying it when you need it the most.

When all parts of the generator run well it will perform more smoothly. The right parts will fit well and also help with saving fuel. Genuine parts also reduce wear and tear caused by friction as they fit well. Parts made by the manufacturers are made of high-quality materials, but these may be slightly more expensive than other parts. When installed, the generator will perform better with them as compared to the parts that are not genuine. The parts made by manufacturers have a longer life and these result in fewer maintenance costs.

If you have a new or an old Generac model, search online to get the right Generac generator parts and accessories for it. Prices online are more affordable as compared to the neighborhood store. Generac generators are an investment and provide comfort for years to come. You want it to run well and with an adequate load without any problems. Get the covers to protect it from the elements of nature when it is not in use. Shopping online allows you to get the parts delivered to your doorstep. These parts may not be available in the neighborhood store as they may be in short supply.

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