GoferEats – Best Online Food Delivery Clone

GoferEats – Best Online Food Delivery Clone

Have you wonder why people love ordering food online. Because people choose to have food in their comfort zone. They can order a variety of cuisines like Chinese, Italian or Mexican in their home.

Things keep on changing as phone orders and unprocessed food delivery are moved out of scope and online food delivery reaches its peak.

People prefer to order food in a platform which provides both order and delivery service.

In a recent report from Statista, revenue generated from online food delivery is expected to reach annual growth of 9.6% a year. 

Why GoferEats (UberEats clone Script)?

GoferEats is an online food delivery script crafted with a colorful design, trending features and latest technology.

Seo Friendly: If your product needs to reach its target audience it must be SEO friendly.

Responsive Design: As mobile and tablet users keep on increasing a responsive design helps you to reach them all. 

100% Customizable: You can use your own idea or add a new feature to the product.

How You Can Earn?

There are lots of opportunities in the market as an online food delivery service keeps on expanding all over the world. 

Delivery Charge: You charge an amount for delivery service provided by you. It is estimated that the average of 7-15% of order amount is charged for delivery service.

Surcharge: Lots of top companies charge an extra amount for delivery during the peak hours in lunch and dinner.

Commission: You can charge a commission amount to the restaurant for the service provided. 

UberEats Clone Features:

These are necessary features required to start an online food delivery service. 

Multiple Registration
A user can register using Facebook and Google Plus and asked for minimal permission and information. This feature saves their time and makes the app more engaging to the users.

Advanced Filter Option

A user can filter by Price, Dietary and also can sort by recommended, most popular, rating and delivery time.

Promos and coupons:

Everybody enjoys offers as restaurant loves to promote products by providing discounts to a user. This feature encourages users to order.

Map Feature:

A map feature helps users track the live status of their food. It also helps a driver with both restaurant and delivery location.

Online/ Offline Mode:

Things simple for drivers so they can scroll around easily. A driver can go online or offline at any time and also can cancel trips if needed.

Rating and Reviews:

A user can rate and review their favorite restaurant. It affects the popularity and placement and quality of service.

Wallet Option:

A wallet option provides lots of benefits to a user like using promos and coupons and makes an order super fast. This enables the user to pay for future orders safely and securely.

Payment Choices

A user has choices to pay by cash on delivery, debit or credit card and by internet banking. Wallet options also provided to a user to add money to his account.

Want A Food Delivery Clone Script:

If you are interested in a food delivery clone script then feel free to contact at sales@trioangle.com.

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