Why Is It A Good Idea To Donate Goods Before Relocating?

Why Is It A Good Idea To Donate Goods Before Relocating?

Planning to ship to a new city/state? Well, shifting is no doubt an exciting task, as it comes with the excitement of living in a new home, joining a new job, making new friends etc. However, the process of packing and moving is not that fun. Here, you have to pack all your goods and carry along with you. More the goods, more are the troubles. So, you can reduce the volume of goods by donating them.

Here are good reasons to donate the items that you don’t want to use any longer-

De-clutter the home- The major reason of donating is that by doing it, you will be de-cluttering your home. All those stuff that you have kept since years and are not using will be out of your home and you will be carrying only usable stuff to your new home. Donating and discarding are considered the best ways to de-clutter your home before making a move to a new place.

Low cost move- You must know that the prices of moving greatly depend on the volume of goods that you are planning to shift. The logic is simple here- higher volume of goods leads to higher prices of moving. This is because more packing material will be used to pack more number of goods, more manpower will be required to lift them and of course, more number of moving trucks will also be required. This will add on to the digits of your moving bill. So, you better donate the items that you don’t wish to use but are in usable condition. Call a good charity home or NGO that picks donation from the doorstep, and donate.

Save taxes- The best part about donating is that you can save taxes through it. How? You just need to show all the donation receipts at the time of paying taxes. If you don’t have the donation receipts, then you should have any other proof or picture of the items donated. A record of the donated items must be kept in order to be exempted from paying some amount of taxes. Inquire about such law thoroughly and then go ahead accordingly.

After you have donated and discarded your stuff, you can call the best packers and movers Ahmedabad to Bangalore to pack your goods and mover them safely to the destination location. Good luck!

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