A Guide to Professional Poster Printing Service

A Guide to Professional Poster Printing Service

For any business, posters form a handy marketing tool. Therefore, it has to be striking and draw the attention of the target audience. It has to include the purpose for which it is made. This can be a facility, service or product. The poster is usually a combination of a photograph or illustration along with the appropriate text. Instead of a picture p or illustration, graphic design can be the background or foreground. The text has to serve two purposes. It should be simple, meaningful, apt and easily understood. The text should also draw the audience towards the poster.

A poster has to be creative, attractive and well thought-out. There should be no confusion in the audiences’ mind as to what the poster is about. This can be achieved through the use of color and by varying the print size. Another essential aspect is that it is clearly visible from a distance. This makes the audience stop, no matter how far they are, and come and find out what it is about.

Poster Printing

Poster Printing

A good poster guarantees brand promotion and increases the number of potential customers. Posters placed strategically at various locations in nearby or far away cities and towns attract customers towards business. At the same times, posters used as part of the décor of the office building draw s the attention of visitors towards its commodities. Therefore, professional poster printing service play an essential role.

The differences professional poster printing services can make:


Much thought goes into making a good quality poster. A good poster require having a positive connection with the audience. This leaves a good lasting impression on their minds. Professional poster printing services assist in developing designs and incorporate essential aspects of the company such as the logo, name or other requirements. They make posters attractive and thought-provoking. They can also make numerous copies available in different shapes, sizes, frames, and finishes as and when required.

Various Factors and considerations professional poster printing services include:

Each poster has diverse requirements. The professional poster printing services accommodate them into the design. They include the following:

  • Photographs: The appropriate resolution, size, and placement (background or foreground) have to be decided. This depends entirely on the purpose of the poster.
  • Font: The font of the text is an important consideration. It includes the type, size, color, case (capitals, lowercase, title case, their combination), and bold, italics and underlines options. It also includes superscript, subscript, highlighted text, and text effects
  • Paper: Printing paper is available in different types, finishes, sizes, and qualities. Different finishes such as canvas, mat, glossy, metallic, have different effects. The purpose of the poster determines which one is appropriate. A good option is to choose the best quality paper as it lasts longer.
  • Fabric and other materials: Canvas made of cotton, pure polyester or a mixture of the two, is used. Other materials include vinyl, wallpaper, tri-poplin, form core, and display board.
  • Laminate: The laminate protects the poster from moisture. Different types of the laminate are available such as crystal, gloss as well as matte. Usually, hot laminates are applied, as they do not destroy the printed article.
  • Different types of ink: Both standard inks and ultraviolet inks are available. The amount sunlight determines the choice. The ultraviolet inks is used for posters that are directly exposed to the sun for long hours. The former is used for advertisements that are kept inside buildings and upon which hardly any sunlight falls.

Professional poster printing services also use the newest and best printing technologies and tools, thus ensuring you have the perfect poster as per the requirement.

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