The Ultimate Guide To Transport a Car Overseas

The Ultimate Guide To Transport a Car Overseas

Are you planning to relocate your stuff overseas? Thinking of carrying your car along with you? Have you discussed your moving needs with Agarwal Packers?

Car transportation is one of the biggest yet the difficult decision to make especially when the transportation needs to be done from country to another. Usually, people even hesitate in shifting their cars to another state whereas when it comes to relocating it overseas, it becomes more anxious for them to decide.

Well, to make sure that your car shipment goes well, I am sharing an ultimate moving guide that will help you throughout the process.

1. Search car transporters

Start the process by searching online. Make a list of the best possible companies located near you and choose 3 out of them. Shortlist these three based on reviews and ratings given by their other customers. Further, ensure they are licensed by inspecting the credentials and other essential documents that prove their authenticity. Besides looking for reviews on the company’s official website r social media accounts, it is better to check the reviews on other portals such as You can easily find more genuine reviews here.

2. Frame budget

You may have to go through high expenses as it is the matter of relocating a car beyond boundaries therefore, keep the funds arrange in advance. And for that creating a budget will help you out.

3. Request quotes for comparison

Based on the research that you have performed in the first step, call and request the price quotations from the different transporters. Give them your car model and details. And as soon as you receive the quotes, do not forget to check what each rate includes:

Type of service offered: It is a door to door or port to port delivery? If yes then confirm whether they have included some extra cost for it or not.

Is it a full load or part load consignment: Is it a shared consignment like my car will be moved in a separate carrier or it will be a part shipment? If you are looking for the safest ways to get your car shipped then you must confirm this thing in the beginning.

Destination charges: Every port requires destination charges no matter which company you are moving in. Thus your estimate should cover everything on the export side including the customs clearance of the concerned country. In certain cases, a customs clearance fee is not added in the price estimation quotation, it can surprise you later thus do not forget to know about this important thing in advance.

Insurance coverage: What is included in the quote for providing safety to your car? Does the company assist you in having additional insurance if you need it? The already insured car does not have transit risk covered, thus movers and packers make it mandatory to get it insured with them. They calculate the rate by charging a certain percentage on the present value of your car and protect it against the uncertain contingencies that may occur in between the journey.

4. Choose the preferred method of shipping

Every person thinks differently, it depends upon your whether the time or cost is more important to you. If you need your car right away or by a specified date then book a 20 feet container, proceed with the paperwork and payment. Your vehicle is out for shipment as soon as you complete the formalities. This is one of the most expensive modes to get your car transported.

For middle grounds that cost less, you may choose to get your car shipped from water routes where it will join all the other cars in the ship heading to the same country. It won’t be the quickest method but eliminates the need to wait for a full load of containers for departure.

At last, you could choose to opt for a part shipment where your car will be loaded with other cars in the same container bound to be delivered to the same port, which at times can be frustrating due to longer waiting times. However, your vehicle does not get the protection that it needs because of so many cars present in the same container.

Choose the shipping mode on your own, go for the place closest to your current home to your future destination. This is important if you get you to get your car transported via road.

Also, do not forget if your vehicle lands at the port of one country and it need to be transported over the border into another then this will be considered as a second trip and you will be charged separately along with the additional logistics and custom fees.

5. Choose a company and submit your documents

Finalize the mode along with a car transportation company and get the list of the documents from them and get everything submitted before time. However, a reputable transporter will prevent you from last-minute cost surprises.

6. Examine your vehicle

Inspect your car as soon as you have finalized a moving day to ship it. Click the pictures of the current condition of your car as it helps you to remember the important details about it. Make sure you have submitted all the documents properly because if something gets damaged during transit, you can easily file a claim against the same.

7. Clear the cost and expenses

The range of cost varies from shipment to shipment, but make sure you are clear of the payment terms before you hire them to move your car. Ask all the questions that you may have while sending your vehicle overseas.

Your daunting process of relocating a car internationally can be made easy if you follow each step mentioned in the above post. Also, for better assistance, you can seek information from Agarwal packers and movers as they are well known for transporting a vehicle across the globe safely.

Happy Moving!

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