Is Hemp Oil the same as CBD?

Is Hemp Oil the same as CBD?

If you have been wondering if CBD oil and Hemp oil are the same, then you are in for a surprise.

They are not the same!

Even though both of these oils pay a huge role in offering a healthy lifestyle for us, they have their own differences. CBD cannabis oil has recently become very famous due to its medical benefits, which is also why it is used legally as a medicine in many countries.

There are many scientific facts, and clinical pre-trials that back up and even prove that CBD oil has many medical benefits. On the other hand, the hemp oil is known as the extract of nutrients, which makes a perfect supplement or food. Moreover, for those who are about to use either CBD oil or Hemp oil, it is vital to know the therapeutic differences between the products.

And this article does just that. At the end of the article, you would be able to easily differentiate between hemp oil and CBD oil.

Are CBD oil and Hemp oil the same?

Even though these two oil products are extracted from the same plant – Cannabis, the inside contents of each are unique. But did you know that cannabis sativa is a species and there are different plants under this species? Well, let’s be clear about some things first. Cannabis, Marijuana, and Hemp are not the same.

In short, Cannabis sativa is a family of plants where there are two types of families – Sativa and Indica. And both CBD oil and Hemp oil are a part of this family. Moreover, since they both are from the same family, they have a few similarities. But since the biological structure of the plant is different, they have crucial and distinct differences. So, if people use the term cannabis, just know that it is an umbrella term that is used for all the sub-species.

Let us get deeper into the topic to understand it.

Various species

To get the different levels of cannabinoids, various species of cannabis sativa are grown in different parts of the world. This produces unique genetics that is then utilized for several medical and industrial purposes. Moreover, if a novice looks at both the cannabis plants, they would not be able to tell the difference between the psychoactive cannabis and the hemp varieties. But if it is consumed, their chemical properties would tell a very different story.

You might already have an idea that the cannabis contains two primary contents which are THC and CBD. Between these two, the THC is the one responsible for creating the psychoactive effects when utilized, which is also called the “high” when people smoke, eat or vaporize the cannabis product.

Due to the violence caused by the THC effects, it has been banned by many countries around the world. But since some recent years, cannabis has become legal in a few countries due to its medical benefits as per the clinical researches that have taken place. The sudden legalization is mostly due to the chemical component CBD, which is the one that has the medical benefits. Since CBD has come in the picture, it has cleared the mainstream for the cannabis plant.

On the other hand, the hemp is the one which is legal in many countries where it is utilized in many industries to produce fuel, food, paper, and fiber. But what if people use this to get high? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way. People have the misconception that hemp has a huge content of THC just like marijuana does, but this is not true.

The hemp plant has less than 0.3% of THC in it, which cannot create the high when consumed. This is also the reason why it is legal in many countries. Moreover, the hemp plant is produced in such a way that it contains the less possible concentration of THC. This results in the plants that are slender and tall, which are optimized like this to use in the manufacturing industries.

Hemp oil

Derivation of Hemp Oil & CBD Oil

Other than the fact that the plants look different and their chemical properties are different, their derivation process is also distinct. The hemp oil is obtained from the hemp seed. It is derived by pressing the seeds to get the fatty oil from it which is called the hemp oil after gathered and purified. Being highly nutritious, this oil has a lot of beneficial applications which are not all medicinal.

On the other hand, the CBD oil is extracted from the flower of the plan. There isn’t just one process of extraction of the CBD oil. Moreover, the main effect of the CBD oil is medicinal, where the hemp oil has nutritious benefits. As a matter of fact, the CBD oil can also be extracted from the flower of the hemp plant, where it usually contains a higher percentage of CBD.

Process of Derivation & Medical Benefits of CBD Oil

For obtaining the CBD oil, it is important to get a high CBD strain first. And as shared above, the CBD extracts can be derived from the help flowers or the cannabis flowers. Moreover, there isn’t just one way for extracting CBD oil from the plant. But CO2 extraction is the one that gives the best results, though it is the most expensive process. It is also one of the safest ways to obtain CBD oil since there isn’t any use of the toxic solvents like propane or butane to get it.

Medical Benefits of CBD Oil

Some other methods of extracting the CBD oil are the ice-water extraction and oil extraction. CBD oil has become famous around the medical communities in the world due to its proven medical benefits. It also works towards curing many minor and even severe health issues including Osteoporosis, Parkinson disease, Nicotine addiction, Motor disorders, Lupus, chronic pain relief, and anxiety disorder. Moreover, it has also shown effects for many pediatric conditions as well.

Process of Derivation & Medical Benefits of Hemp Oil

To get the highest quality in hemp oil, the cold press process is used for the extraction process. In this process, the oil is pressed out of the seeds where the heat does not cross a specific temperature during the process. Moreover, the hemp oil is used for many applications in our daily lives due to its nutritious properties. It is mostly used in cosmetic products and cooking. Due to the high level of protein in the seeds, the hemp oil is usually used in the dairy products by mixing it into the milk.

Even though hemp oil does not have medical benefits that the CBD oil has, it is a great nutritious option when used as an ingredient in the food we consume. It also works as a dietary supplement. The hemp oil is composed of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the 30% fat present in it. Due to the high content of protein that accounts for 25% the complete calories, hemp oil is also used as a source of plant-based energy. Another nutrient it holds is vitamins, especially vitamin E. The other nutrients are vitamin B2, vitamin B1, potassium, and others.

Process of Derivation & Medical Benefits of Hemp Oil

Bottom Line

With all this, it is clearly seen that both are difference have their own benefits. Moreover, CBD oil is highly good for many medical conditions. It is also becoming legal in many parts of the world slowly where the production has also begun. Some countries where CBD has become legal are Poland, Greece, Denmark, Canada, and a few more.

There are a total of 21 countries that have allowed the cultivation of cannabis and the production of the CBD oil for medical purposes. International Cannabis Corporation is one company that has begun production in most of the countries where cannabis is legal. You can learn more about it and what they offer at!

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