Why Hire Company Registration Consultant in Delhi

Why Hire Company Registration Consultant in Delhi

Are you planning to start a new business in Delhi? You need to register your company to begin with. You should start with a proprietorship company. It will have you as the single owner and later on, when you grow your business further, you can convert it into a private limited company.

In this way, you can see if your business idea is working and also keep the legal registration cost low. However, regardless of the size of the company, company registration in Delhi is a must.

There are 5 legal entities that you need to consider:

  • Private Ltd Company – It should be done through MCA Delhi for proper company registration. You need to have a company name and require a minimum of two people to register your company in Delhi.
  • One Person Company – This is the same as a private limited company. Here, one person is enough to register their company in Delhi.
  • LLP – It is similar to a private ltd company, but the features are less. There is a need for a minimum of two people to get the LLP Registration. It can be considered an upgraded partnership firm version.
  • Partnership firm – It refers to a firm registration in Delhi that requires two people to register the firm.
  • Proprietorship firm – It is enough to have one person since it is a basic firm registration.

Company registration in Delhi in 3 simple steps:  

  • Fill the basic details and connect through call/ email/ phone with a legal expert.
  • Make an online payment through net banking/ card/ UPI via a secured gateway.
  • Be relaxed. There is a dedicated CA assigned. You can get your company started.  

Who are consultants? 

The company registration requires you to follow a procedure. However, if you are confused or new to this procedure, you may look for a company registration consultant in Delhi. It is the best consideration as a consultant may offer dedicated help in starting your company and in the registration process.

These consultants help in legal compliances that are related to starting a business and running it. The consultants are a part of an in-house team of professionals serving efficiently to their customers.  

Why do you need a consultant? 

As you wish to register a company in Delhi. There are advantages in hiring a company registration consultant in Delhi.

  • Secure service : Consultants in Delhi or any other city offer a wide range of services. They ensure secure services.  They do not part with your information or documents to any third-party. They ensure diligence with each client from the starting of the company registration process and complete work on time.
  • Expert team : The consultants always work as a team and stay up to date with rules and regulations. They know about the current affairs relating to the company registration. They have an expert and dedicated team of consultants working to provide solutions to clients on time.
  • Client communication : There are dedicated managers who are ready to communicate with all the clients through email or phone. They also speak in your preferred language.

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