History of Himalayan Salt

History of Himalayan Salt

More than 300 million years back, an antiquated sea existed the Himalayan mountains are today. At the point when the sea evaporated, an enormous mineral-rich salt store was deserted, covered by the special powers making the mountain run. The rising mountains closed the unadulterated Himalayan salt precious stones from all defilement human advancement’s synthetic compounds and poisons.

This different salt appreciates tried and valid wellbeing properties. More than 360 old Ayurvedic drugs still being used today require Himalayan (Saindhav) salt as a fixing in the treatment of conditions like hypertension, stoutness, diabetes and other restorative issues.

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt pink and white precious stones shimmer like jewels authenticating their common virtue. This common salt contains more than 84 follow minerals, including every one of those known to be necessary for good wellbeing and essentialness. Not at all like most “nourishment grade” salts, this salt isn’t handled with synthetic substances and contains no additives or added substances.

These exclusive, shimmering gems convey the ideal salt fixing for gourmet cooking. A pure, unadulterated taste that improves the regular kind of sustenance and has none of the harshness’s or preparing persistent flavour of run of the mill business salt. The Himalayan Salt Company’s straightforward mining and bundling techniques cautiously ensure the collective virtue of this item.

This perfect salt begins from the Khewra Salt Mine is the most significant wellspring of Himalayan Salt on the planet and the second biggest salt mine when all is said in done. This mine is situated in Khewra which has a place with the Jhelum District, Punjab locale in Pakistan. The mine is located around 125 miles (200km) from Lahore and Islamabad inside a mineral-rich mountain run that reaches out for more than 125 miles (200km) all through Pakistan from the Jehlum River to where it gets together with the Indus River. The mine itself is the biggest and most established mine in Pakistan and a noteworthy vacation spot, facilitating upwards of 250,000 guests for every year.

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