Hoisting Equipment Guidance

Hoisting Equipment Guidance

Hoisting equipment or hoist is a device which is used for lifting or lowering loads with the help of a drum wrapped with rope or chains or a lift wheel. It can be manually operated, electrically operated or pneumatically driven. The lifting medium can be a chain, fiber rope or wire. There is a lifting hook at the end of the lifting medium to which the load to be lifted is attached.

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Types Of Hoisting Equipment

  • Hoisting EquipmentConstruction hoists: Construction hoists or hoisting equipment are also called temporary elevators, passenger hoists, buck hoists, man lifts and construction elevators. This type of hoist is used in large scale construction projects like hospitals or high rise buildings. This type of hoisting equipment is used to carry materials, equipment and people between the ground floor and the higher floors. This type of hoisting equipment is made up of one or two cages which vertical travel across mast tower sections. These mast tower sections are attached to the building every 25 feet for strength. For moving at high speed these hoists use a motorized rack and pinion system.
  • Chain hoists or wire rope hoists: These are the most commonly used hoists. They are electrically powered. Chain hoists come to a lever to pull the load or have a loop of the chain which pulls through the block. A wire rope hoist is light in weight and its length is determined by the drum diameter around which it is wound. The lift chain of a hoist is bigger than the lift wheel. The wheels around which the chain or rope is wrapped need regular lubrication to perform at high speed.
  • Mine hoists: A mine hoist is used in underground mining. It is used to pull or lower loads in the mine shaft. Originally, water, animal and human power were used to empower the mine hoists. Later steam engines were also used. These days, hoists are powered using electric motors. Mine hoists are also of three types: drum hoists, friction hoists and Blair multi rope hoists.

Uses of Hoisting Equipment

Hoisting equipment works well with overhead cranes and workstation cranes for vertically lifting bulky loads. It is used in a variety of areas to support work process:

  • Assembly: In an assembly, the hoisting equipment helps in moving products through different processes.
  • Transportation: In transportation, the hoisting equipment helps with loading finished products on open trailers.
  • Positioning: Hoists help in positioning a component for additional work.
  • Staging: Hoists help in holding work-in-process for additional production processes.
  • Warehousing: Hoists help in moving heavy products to and from docks.
  • Storage: Hoists help in transporting heavy things to and from storage areas.
  • Easy to customize: Hoisting equipment is easy to customize as it has hook attachments and specialized tools which can handle a variety of loads and products.
  • Ergonomics: Hoisting equipment helps reduce fatigue and stress in workers and lowers the risk of injury as it takes the strain of load of the operators.
  • Indoor/outdoor use: Hoisting equipment can be used inside a building or outside.

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