How To Make Homemade Pudding And Market The Successfully

How To Make Homemade Pudding And Market The Successfully

Different types of pudding recipes are present, which are quite relaxed to make at home. Here we will tell you how to make homemade pudding efficiently and will also show different methods to market these puddings successfully. These marketing tips will ease your way of doing business through the selling of homemade desserts and storing in a commercial countertop freezer.

Ingredients For Pudding

Homemade pudding is informal to make as all essential components are readily available in the market. You need the following elements; half cup milk, half cup heavy cream, three fourth cup of canned sugar, a similar quantity of honey, maple syrup, and brown sugar. Half cup of cocoa powder and half tablespoon gelatine is mix in it.

Making Of Pudding 

Making of the pudding is very easy to do the job. If you have all the ingredients with you, then you can make pudding in a mere five to ten minutes.

  • In the first step, take a deep saucepan and pour a half cup of milk in it, after that add gelatine over it. Now you have to heat this mixture on a low temperature so that gelatine gets dissolved in it completely and no granular particles should remain in the mix.
  • In the second step, take a blender and pour all other ingredients like remaining milk, honey, cream, sugar, and cocoa powder in the blender. Run the blender until all ingredients become completely dissolved and turn into a smooth and soft mixture.
  • In the third step, after you have acquired the desired smooth mixture, pour it immediately in the suitable container and put in it the freezer. You should let it store in the fridge for at least two hours. After two hours it will turn into a usable pudding dish.

Marketing Of Homemade Pudding

 You can efficiently market your homemade pudding if you are expert in creating its genuine taste and texture. For example; if you make pudding for your school going kids, then you can ask the school administrator to allow you to sell your dessert in school during lunch break.

The second option to market your pudding is that you can discuss your idea with a nearby bakery owner and sign a contract with him to sell your pudding in his shop. You can decide the selling rate according to the market place and divide profit between both of you.

The third option is that you can create your small stall for selling pudding in your areas. You can either create small stall only to stay outside your street, or you can create a unique bakery shop, which sells your homemade puddings items. You can sell a variety of homemade pudding in your bakery shop.

The fourth option is that you can create an online website for taking larger contracts for parties and events and sell your homemade pudding to these events. You can cover a broad audience in this way because once your brand has achieved a certain level of popularity, then other bakers and event managers will also contact you to make homemade pudding for their events.

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