How a Commercial Electrician Different from Industrial Electrician?
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How a Commercial Electrician Different from Industrial Electrician?

How a Commercial Electrician Different from Industrial Electrician?

When any electrical problems happen in your newly built warehouse and you do not know whom to approach for the help, commercial or industrial electrical contractor? Today, we are discussing how smartly you can handle such dilemma situation and quickly pick the right person for the job. Have a look at some basic roles of these workmen.

Who is a commercial electrician?

A person who works in a corporate set-up and public places such as offices, supermarkets, grocery stores, hospitals, etc. is considered as a commercial electrical technician. They ensure smooth functioning of the power supply. They are hired for different tasks such as the installation of air conditioning, heating system, and more. They deal with a normal voltage just like the residential power supplies. To work in a commercial place they need to obtain a license from the government. The local authorities check for their qualification and experience before issuing them the necessary work permit.

Commercial Electrician

Commercial Electrician

Who is an industrial electrician?

A person working in an industrial setting is known as an industrial electrical technician. Their main role is to do preventive maintenance, in order to ensure the safe and continuous functioning of electrical system and equipment. An employer hires them on salary to work on shift basis. As you know here the power requirements are generally high and a continuous monitoring is required. This is one of the major points which differentiate them from a commercial tradesman. To get an apprentice certificate they go through four years of classroom classes and on-site training. Beside trade license, they need to obtain a safety license to work in an industrial set-up.

Think twice before hiring anybody

For some employers, both types of service providers sound equal and they hire a commercial provider for an industrial job to save cost or may be due to an emergency. This may lead to some fatal accident or major monetary loss due to equipment malfunctioning. Commercial workplace job is much easier as compared to the industrial workplace. The training level is higher in case of the industrial apprentice. Some people will think vice versa and hire an industrial specialist for a commercial electrician job. However, in this case, the job executed will be smooth, but the hourly charges will be much higher. So, always keep an eye on the requirement and hire the suitable one.

Commercial Electrician

Commercial Electrician

Here are some questions that you should ask yourself before asking for a bid:

  1. How many persons will be required to execute the job?
  2. Do you have the spare parts readily available for solving the issue?
  3. Will you provide the necessary tools and tackles for executing the job or they need to bring along with them?
  4. Are you aware of the hiring rates so that you can keep the fund reserve in advance?
  5. What will be the deliverable and service level compliance after the contract is awarded?
  6. Are you going to monitor the job yourself or somebody else is going to do from your company?
  7. Is the service provider qualified and holds a valid license for doing such jobs?
  8. What if the contractor does not provide warranty for fixing problems once job order completes?
  9. Do you have resources to handle any undesirable situation?
  10. Does the job require further hiring after certain milestone?

During an emergency, your chosen service provider may not be available to take your jobs. So, ideally, there should be an annual maintenance contract in place if in case you run any commercial place. For industries, you do not need to worry as there is a standard practice of hiring permanent employees for electrical related works.

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