How can a Food Delivery App Improve Restaurant Sales? – Read This to Skyrocket Your Profits

How can a Food Delivery App Improve Restaurant Sales? – Read This to Skyrocket Your Profits

The tradition of dining in restaurants on special occasions is gradually declining. In this digital era, people demand restaurant food at the comfort of their homes. With almost 51% of the Americans availing home deliveries for their dinners, it is high time restaurants react to this trend, and not run the risk of losing potential customers. Food delivery apps have garnered a massive response from the audience, especially the millennials.

Although third-party delivery platforms occupy a predominant position in the market, restaurant-specific apps have made a mark of themselves, with due credits to Domino’s Pizza and McDonald’s, etc. Are you a restaurant owner aspiring to take your business online? Would you like to know the impact of delivery services on restaurant sales? By the end of this blog, you’ll have answers to all doubts in your mind regarding food delivery apps. Besides, you’ll also get to know the secret of skyrocketing your profits.

Let’s take a qualitative approach, wherein you get to know your areas of improvement and how an UberEats clone can help you tackle the situation.

The art of managing customers – Reconstruction is inevitable 

There’s this saying by American business author, Michael LeBoeuf, that goes, “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” Managing customers is becoming increasingly challenging for restaurants. Gaining visibility among numerous restaurants in and out of the locality is, by itself, a mammoth task. While the ‘old school’ way of advertising in newspapers and pamphlets are still competent to a considerable extent, the art of retaining customers demands more from a restaurant side.

What if there’s a way to be present within a hand’s reach of customers? Such a mechanism wherein people can reach out to your restaurant is necessary for your survival. With an On-demand food delivery app in hand, all your customers have to do is a few taps on their smartphones. This way, in addition to managing customers in the physical presence, you get to satisfy those reaching out to you in the virtual presence.

26% of the Americans avail doorstep food delivery services at least once in a week? Haven’t you recognized that you are already losing out on potential customers?

The burden of managing expenses – too much to handle 

Managing a restaurant involves stern leadership, as one has to manage the rent, salary of staff, raw material expenses, and many more within the profits. With the popularity of dine-ins declining among customers, sales are going down. Besides, inflation is playing its part in making lives difficult for restaurant owners. A majority of restaurants are on the verge of running out of funds, with COVID-19 taking dine-ins out of the picture.

What if restaurants can supplement their depleting dine-in sales by reaching out to customers at their places? A food ordering app like UberEats Clone, enabling people to order food from the comfort of the homes, can bring back the effectiveness of a restaurant mechanism. This way, while satisfying customers, restaurants get to boost their sales substantially.

According to a recent study, restaurants are already losing at least 20% of the sales without an online presence? Are you ready to manage your expenses wisely?

Speedy response – The need of the hour 

Restaurants dig their own grave without a quality check from time-to-time. While it is essential to satisfy customers with tastier food, it is equally important to hear them out, avoid delays, and respond to their queries. Bad customer experience can pave the way for further deterioration in sales. These unforeseen circumstances usually occur during the restaurant’s peak hours, wherein the staff is struggling to manage different orders.

What if there’s a way to know what customers feel about your service, your areas of improvement, etc.? Besides, what if your staff can manage orders seamlessly with an intuitive dashboard? In this digital era, enhancing productivity is a piece of cake, provided you make the necessary arrangements. An UberEats clone, with an effective restaurant management dashboard and the ratings and reviews feature, can help you provide speedy responses, keeping your service quality in check.

According to New Voice Media, almost 51% of consumers will never avail of the services again after a negative experience. Are you ready to take your restaurant to the next level, both in terms of quality and economy?

Communication with customers – Vital to stay in the radar 

User engagement and retention is a skill. It takes five times the effort and economy to pitch a new customer in comparison with retaining one. If you’re running a traditional restaurant business, your chances of retaining customers are limited. The maximum extent you can reach out to them is by calling them over the phone. People tend to forget your services in due course.

What if there’s a way to stay on the radar of customers? With an UberEats Clone app in hand, you can roll out push notifications regarding offers, discounts, enabling customers to know that they can reach out to you in a jiffy. Besides, the platform comes with an in-built chat/call facility, maintaining seamless communication with customers. One rule to succeed in your restaurant business – reach out to the right customers at the right time. Having an online presence can help you do that hassle-free.

According to a study by Harvard, if restaurants can increase repeat customers by 5%, they can witness an increase in profits by 25-125%. Do you wish to gain mastery over this user retention skill?

Multiple revenue streams – A restaurant owner’s delight

As mentioned in the previous section, it becomes challenging for a restaurant owner to manage the restaurant with dine-in sales alone. When a massive pandemic like COVID-19 happens, it becomes a matter of months to run out of funds. A food delivery app can yield revenue from various sources. Let’s discuss a prominent few here,

  • Delivery charges: Users who enjoy their favorite meal at their homes pay you the delivery charges. Your in-house delivery chain will cost you less than what you demand from customers, adding to your profits.
  • Packing charges: To maintain food quality, packing becomes highly essential. For providing top-notch packing, you can demand packing charges from your customers.
  • Surge pricing: Whenever you experience a surge in demand in a particular area, you can multiply your revenue by levying surge pricings. Users who expect instant deliveries pay this amount to your wallet.
  • In-app ads: One of the easiest but effective income-generating ways is by displaying in-app advertisements. Third-party owners pay you based on impressions, clicks, etc.
  • Subscription plans: All you have to do is roll out the app’s premium version, wherein users enjoy enticing benefits. You can levy either monthly or yearly subscription charges from users.

Thus, besides the dine-in sales, you get to skyrocket your revenue in multiple ways. You can manage your expenses wisely and gain a stronghold of customers with a food delivery app in hand.

App development made simple – Clone app solutions 

The myth that it costs a hefty amount to build an UberEats Clone food delivery app is finally breaking down. For years altogether, entrepreneurs have struggled with the conventional way, wherein app development takes place from the ground. The process is time-consuming, expensive, and laborious. However, app development companies are coming up with clone app solutions to reduce entrepreneurs’ burden.

These clone app solutions encompass a 100% customizable script that an entrepreneur can modify based on his/her needs. The steps involved in the process are simple – get the script, customize the app, and instantly launch it. Some of the advantage of availing these state-of-the-art solutions are,

  • They are extremely cost-effective.
  • You needn’t wait for 3-5 months. The instant launch is on the cards.
  • An expert team develops the app, making it highly scalable.
  • The app suits the current market trends, ensuring your sustainability.
  • You get to modify the app as per your needs.


If you look at the areas where restaurants are struggling, you can have a clear picture of how to overcome it. These include,

  • Customer management
  • Managing expenditure
  • Enhancing responsiveness
  • Establishing communication
  • Yielding profits

With an app like UberEats clone, you get to seamlessly handle these five areas, taking your business to a whole new level. Do not run the risk of losing potential customers or sales.

Reach out to an expert app development company, tell them your needs, and get the food delivery app right away!

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