How Long Does Vape Juice Last: Things to Know

How Long Does Vape Juice Last: Things to Know

One of the many benefits of vaping in contrast to smoking is that you don’t need to keep going to the shop, daily or so, to acquire more cigarettes to feed your unhealthy habits. Those little bottles of vape juice may look very small and look as though they do not contain very much e-liquid, however, they’re deceptive – a tiny vape juice, indeed, goes a lengthy way.

When you consider how much you would fork out on cigarettes in a year then tot up what you are spending on your vape gear and its e-juice refills, the savings are large and can easily amount to several thousand dollars a year. For many smokers that are now vaping, however, financial concerns are not the most vital element of making the change: rescuing their health and eventually getting off fatal tobacco for good is frequently the prime motivating factor. 

Nonetheless, it’s a bonus that vapers aren’t just getting healthier by using e-cigarettes but will also be making real savings, which could be placed towards big-ticket items like a downpayment on a new car or an overseas vacation. With their renewed energy and energy after finally managing to quit tobacco, they will enjoy their purchases and getaways all the longer. It is a win-win around – but a lot of people still ask themselves, “how long can vape juice survive anyway?” When deciding whether to make the change to vaping.

Different Types of Vape Juice

Vape Juice is usually available in two types: with vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol foundation (or a mixture of both ), while nicotine salts may also be added to provide an excess advantage to the vaping encounter. 

The two vape juice foundations have different attributes – propylene glycol (PG) is great for improving flavors, also It’s been used in the food industry for decades as well as medicines that we have daily. Within an e-liquid, this ingredient will help to carry the nicotine as well as the taste. whereas vegetable glycerin (VG) is sweeter, thicker and just what you will need to blow off big vapor clouds. This ingredient is derived from plant oils also helps to produce the vapor when used within an electronic cigarette. That apart, they essentially do the same thing.

That means when it is heated by the ionic heating element in your vaping device, the liquid becomes vaporized, allowing the flavors, and nicotine (if existing ), to escape until the mouthpiece and into the vaper’s lungs and mouth, before being expelled as a cloud of benign vapor.

Just how frequently you’re going to draw your vaping apparatus and utilize your e-liquid will, of course, decide how long it lasts. But, as a general guideline, there is usually no need to vape as much as you’d smoke – there is no burning tobacco to fret about, and that it might burn up before you have used it properly. With vape juice accessible with high nicotine content, you’re also going to need a whole lot less compared to pulling away on a cigarette.

So How Long Does Vape Juice Last?

With vape gear like the incredibly popular Juul vape pencil, e-liquid generally lasts approximately 200 puffs, which may last you anything from a few days to close to a week, based on how often you draw the gadget. Other vape pencil e-juice refills can endure for double this amount, however – up to some hefty 400 or so puffs. For your casual vaper, that may be enough to keep you going for a week or two.

If you are taking nicotine on your vape juice because you used to smoke and will need to have it, then be sure that you don’t go for too low a cigarette power in your refills. In the best case, this would most likely cause you to vaping more to find the amount of nicotine you’re after, which means using your precious vape juice quickly. In the worst case, but you might realize your vape just will not meet you, and you’ll be more tempted to come back to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

No matter how long that the vape juice continues, it is always a fantastic idea to keep several refills handy, meaning you’ll never run dry.

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