How Much Does It Cost To Paint The Bottom Of A Boat?

How Much Does It Cost To Paint The Bottom Of A Boat?

Owning a sailboat isn’t a big thing, but maintaining it properly is imperative for optimal function and increased lifespan. Even though sailboats are designed to align best with harsh elements found in the water, but Super yacht painting the bottom or hull of it can prove highly beneficial. 

So, it is fair to say that boat bottom painting does more than just offering decorative, aesthetical appeal. It works as a protective shield. 

However, once the thought of painting crosses the boat owner’s mind, the next thing he thinks about is the cost of the process. 

Well, if you have the same question in your mind, then you have come to the right place. This blog will take a look at some important aspects of boat bottom paintingstarting with – 

How much will it cost to paint the bottom?

There are two ways of painting the bottom of the boat. One, you can hire a professional to get the job done, or two, engage in a DIY boat painting project. 

When you decide to engage in the DIY project, you can end up spending anywhere between $300 and $2000. The final expense will depend upon the quality of paint you used and, of course, the size of your boat. 

However, in order to offer the bottom part proper protection to withstand the salt water, you may require using a top-quality paint compared to one that you may use on the topside. 

If you choose to work with a professional to get the boat’s bottom painted, then you will be charged based on the linear foot. Meaning a 17-foot boat will have a different price 20-feet boat. 

On average, you can end up spending anywhere between $1000 and $3000 or more for a professional paint job. Even if the cost is more, you can stay assured of getting a guarantee on the paint. Plus, you would not have to add any effort, and the process may take very little time, too. 

Moreover, professionals know what the best methods and techniques are to employ when painting the boat’s bottom.

What types of paint professionals use?

No matter if you DIY or opt for a professional, it is imperative to use paints that are capable of offering the proper protective shield.

Here is some type of paints preferred by the professionals. 

1- Ablative paint: Also referred to as sloughing bottom paints, ablative paints have the capability to wear off slowly. They can prevent the bottom from harmful arthropods such as barnacles that can damage the hull. 

2- Polyurethane: This one-part polyurethane paint is yet another hard bottom paint that suits best to protect the bottom of the boat. 

3- Epoxy primer: This two-part epoxy sealer is a great option for repairing the fiberglass because they end up drying hard as a rock. 

4- Barrier coat: This s basically an epoxy-based coat that comes in handy for sealing the fiberglass. After the barrier coat is applied, the professionals will apply a gel coat on the top to complete the paint job with perfection. But before that, the compatibility between the paint and the coat is checked. 

Using a barrier coat can prove beneficial, especially if the boat is made of fiberglass. 

5- Antifouling paint: This is generally a marine-grade paint that is designed to be applied on the outermost layer. 

6- Gel coat: This is a thermosetting polymer that is used on the fiberglass boat to cover the last layer. 

How can I save a few dollars on the boat bottom painting process?

  • If you wish to save a few dollars, then opting for DIY is the only solution. However, research everything before you even get started with the process. 

Bottom line

No matter what people say, if your boat is always docked in the water, boat bottom painting is essential. So, connect with professionals like Lakeside Marine to give your boat the extra protection it needs to face the water.  We hope this blog was able to answer your question. 

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