How to Choose The Best Ship Handling Agency

How to Choose The Best Ship Handling Agency

Ships sail over the oceans for long periods of time. As we know there are no supplies available in the world’s waters. With the captain and crew on board, it is important to have a stock of essential supplies. After all, it is going to be a long journey before the vessel reaches another port of call.

A ship chandling agency for Curaçao ship supplies ensures the requirements are delivered on time. A ship chandler is another name for a person who deals with the retails in the maritime industry. These professionals are concerned with requirements and supplies for a ship. Let’s read more.

About ship chandler service 

Ship chandlers play their part when a ship berths at the dock. They supply all the necessary commodities that a vessel may need. The collections include the following items:

1 – Food and beverages

2 – Fuels and lubricants

1 – Leather goods

2 – Brooms and mops

3 – Sailcloth

4 – Tools, nails, and spikes

5 – Freshwater

Besides this, ship chandlers cater to all kinds of vessels, from cruises and oil tankers to merchant vessels. There were times when chandlers supplied ropes and lanterns. Today, the ships depend on this service for everything they need – from fuel to food.

Tips for choosing a shipping agency 

Base your selection of an agency on the following criteria. A well-informed decision can go a long way in building lasting relationships. Consider the following factors:

1 – The delivery schedule

This is the most crucial consideration when selecting an agency. Curaçao chandlers must be able to deliver the supplies on time. It is wise to avoid chandlers that are always late in complying with their commitment. Delays can create problems for the vessel and the team. A reliable chandler is one who attends all the clearing and forwarding inquiries and ensures supplies on time.

2 – Affordability and flexibility

Make sure the agency is versatile in supplying the products. The chandler must be able to manage the supply of all commodities like food, gas, parts, cleaning products, and others. He or she must meet the requirements of the ship and its crew.

Also, you must check the pricing factor. The charge has to be affordable and lower than the market rates. Plus, the agent you choose must offer discounts on the purchase of supplies.

3 – Check the certification

Ask for the necessary credentials. Having the documents means that the agents follow the quality standards of operations. It also shows that the chandler is registered with the authorities to supply goods. Proper certification will help you better assess a trustworthy agent.

4 – Check on the facilities

Check out the infrastructure. Big warehouses have to keep the stock safe. Transportation service is also essential to ensure the timely and safe delivery of the consignment to the ship.

5 – Knowledge of one or more language

It would be best if you worked with chandlers that are fluent in major languages like English and Spanish. It helps them communicate with local stores and crew members. Knowledge of major languages can remove all barriers in the process of ship chandlery.

Additional duties of a shipping agency 

1 – Cater to other requirements of the ship and the crew

2 – Help a new buyer in purchasing a ship by providing details of the condition of the ship

3 – Provide repair and maintenance services

4 – Ship cleaning arrangements

5 – Assist when the boat anchors aw well is sea bound

Ship chandlers have to give more priority to the supplies that have to last when the ship is sailing. They have to work out the details on the provisions. During long voyages, the vessel may face damages or the food and fuel may run short. An efficient handler will ensure meeting such demands.


To summarize, one can say that having the services of an efficient agency is enough to sail smoothly. A reputable ship agent in Curaçao works to your maximum advantage. A direct approach can help you reduce costs, save time, and minimize confusion.

This and other benefits are the reasons why ship chandlers are in demand.

The shipping industry has spread far and wide. The responsibilities have increased. Get in touch with a smart agency that handles all the operations with ease and efficiency.

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