How To Choose The Right Popcorn Boxes For Your Concession Stand

How To Choose The Right Popcorn Boxes For Your Concession Stand

Before you start making your popcorn boxes, you need to have the proper tools. A popcorn box template can be downloaded from the internet. It should be shaped like a box, with four main panels and a tapered bottom. Cut the template out with the panels connected, and then fold the outline into a box shape. Use a glue stick to adhere the panels together. Then, fold the edges of the popcorn box in bulk to form the box.

Disposable popcorn supplies

If you’re a concession stand or movie theater owner, you already know that you need to have high-quality, disposable popcorn supplies. The proper containers can prevent your customers from getting grease on their hands and come in small and medium sizes. To make your work easier, disposable serving bags are also available. You’ll find that these bags come in convenient cases of 100. But how do you choose the right kind? Here are some things to consider before making your final purchase.

Custom Popcorn packaging is a good snack that can be served in several ways. The right supplies can make your popcorn presentation visually appealing. Whether you operate your popcorn in a stadium, movie theater, office break room, or sports bar, you’ll find the right supplies to help you make the most money.

Unique design

Using a unique design for popcorn boxes helps you brand your company and market your products. A special package will allow you to print your logo or company name, which will build trust among your customers. Many people use these containers as corporate gifts or to package their favorite snacks and candy. In addition to using them to package popcorn, you can use them for other items, such as cookies or candy. You can find various popcorn boxes that will suit your branding needs.

To make your unique design, you can choose either color for your boxes or one of two basic colors: white and kraft. While white is peaceful and classy, kraft paper is more natural and rustic. These colors make attractive alternatives to the standard white paperboard and are more appropriate for colorful prints. You can choose whichever color you like or opt for both. This way, you’ll be sure to create a unique Delivery packaging online box for each product.

Stainless steel food zones

Stainless steel food zones for popcorn boxes allow you to control the temperature of the finished product. Whether you want to pop large batches of popcorn or create individual cups, you can adjust the temperature to your liking. Four temperature zones prevent overlapping, making it easy to serve delicious treats. The accessories are also made from stainless steel, including a measuring cup, a tablespoon, and a popcorn scoop.

The machine produces 127 quarts of popcorn per hour. The machine’s stainless steel food zones and tempered glass panels provide excellent visibility, encouraging sales. The two switches power the kettle and agitator, as well as a 20 mil non-stick kettle. The machine also features a drawer to store unpopped kernels.

A popcorn popper with a warming deck is an excellent choice for storing pre-filled popcorn bags. These poppers are equipped with a 250-watt heating element in the base to keep the popcorn fresh and warm while the customer waits. They can also be used to keep unpopped kernels in the included crumb tray. The interior of these poppers is constructed of stainless steel and features four toggle switches that control the heat, turner, and popper.

In addition to their durability, they also come with a three-year parts warranty. Street Vendor poppers are also easy to use and come with a user-friendly design that makes them easy to maintain.

They also feature an extensive parts inventory and can ship overnight if the customer requires replacement parts within a short period of time. For added convenience, they are also available with an anodized kettle and a push-button oil dispenser for quick refueling.

Antique style

Popcorn bags are a convenient and inexpensive way to provide guests with a gourmet snack. You can find many popcorn bags in antique stores, flea markets, and online. Some of these boxes have interesting details depending on their age and manufacturer. Personalized popcorn boxes are often in excellent condition and will be a lovely addition to your collection. Some vintage popcorn boxes have interesting details because they were made for different companies over time.

This machine’s features include an 8-oz kettle, two tempered glass doors, and a stainless steel warming deck. The engine makes up to 4 quarts of popcorn per batch. You can purchase the boxes or use one of the included refillable plastic tubs. The machine is a great novelty item for parties or events, making it a fantastic gift for movie lovers. It has an instruction manual and a shelf for storing your popcorn.


A variety of marketing opportunities exist for branded popcorn. These can be used at sporting events, stadiums, festivals, fairs, concerts, and more. These custom boxes can include your logo, contact information, and clerical tidbits. They can even be used for promotional purposes, such as at parties. And since they’re so affordable, you can even promote them online! To get started, you can browse through our wide variety of customizable popcorn boxes and choose the best design for your needs.

The shapes of custom popcorn boxes are limitless. There are countless ways to design them, including full-bleed flashy graphics and inspiring designs. You can even have these boxes printed with a particular theme, such as a football game, birthday party, or sports event. These boxes will surely make any event more exciting and entertaining. So if you’re planning to host a party, consider using custom-printed popcorn boxes as promotional giveaways.

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