How To Choose The Right Tip For Your Soldering Job

How To Choose The Right Tip For Your Soldering Job

Different soldering tip forms suit the simple, complex, and other kinds of soldering jobs. Manufacturers today offer a variety of tips (including the Gull Wing, Chisel and Knife tips) and all you need to do is make a careful selection while choosing them to get the best and most quality outcomes, and reduce error and wastage.

As the different soldering tips may be made keeping in mind the specifications and requirements of the different kinds of projects, it is important that you only choose the right kind of tip for a given project. The different manufacturers provide various kinds of soldering tips today to perform soldering in the best way, and some of these are even patented (including Pace’s Z tips). Also, while many different kinds of tips may match the requirements of a given project and your soldering iron, some may work still better than the others. The size of the tip is equally important. While the small ones may not transfer adequate heat, the extra-large ones will damage the boards.

Different Kinds of Soldering Tips Available to You

Apart from the project itself, the choice of the tip may also be made in lieu of the expertise of the person who has undertaken the soldering jobs. Conical tips may not be suitable for beginners. People who are new to soldering may apply that extra pressure (under the notion that it will provide for better flow of the solder), which will be damaging for the board in the end.

Chisel Tips

Beginners can trust the chisel tips, one of the best soldering tools that can be used for surface mount soldering, through-hole soldering, wire soldering and even for de-soldering purposes. The tip should be around 60% of the width of your soldering pad, which will reduce thermal stress (thereby preventing component damage) and will also provide for faster soldering. Identifying the chisel tips is easy as they are thicker at the tip region and hence can store a high amount of heat.

Gullwing Tips or Hoof Tips

When you have to solder the smaller cord wire or have to undertake that soldering the Gull Wing tips are the best choice. These tips are also perfect when you have to perform the short work on the surface mount components. Apart from soldering multiple pads, the next components can also be preheated and the solder drag can be moved across the different parts easily. The tip may also be used for cleaning and provides for the removal of excessive solder present at the bridges.

Knife Tips

Certain soldering tasks like Canning of the component, or soldering for the RF shield, can be a bit more complex. The knife can be useful in these instances as it has the V shape that provides for easy access to the cavities that cannot be reached through the other and conventional tips.

Caution and restraint will help you preserve the life of your tips. Do not use the soldering tips for other purposes and as a replacement for other tools like a screwdriver or the prybar. Also, refrain from applying excessive pressure during soldering as it will damage both the project components and the tip. Keeping the tip clean (through processes including tinning or using commercial tin cleaners) and switching off your iron when not in use for more than 10 minutes will also enhance the life of the tips and preserve their built and quality.

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