How to Design a Professional Sponsorship Proposal

How to Design a Professional Sponsorship Proposal

Sponsorship plays an important role in commercial relationship between two parties so both the parties can benefit from this partnership. A sponsorship proposal is a pitch an individual or an organization send to another organization for seeking sponsorship. The proposal must be designed in a way that it must convince the sponsor to invest in the project. People look for sponsorships because this method of partnership is profitable for both parties involved in the agreement. The investor is investing the money to maximize his brand’s visibility in the market and the person seeking investment is in need of financial assistance for his project.

Converting a prospect into an investor requires skill, research and a carefully curated PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint is the best program to deliver the sponsorship pitch, but you should remember that the pitch must be good enough to convince the potential investor to invest in your venture. In this article, we are going to discuss about some of the important points to follow while designing a sponsorship pitch proposal.

Keep the template simple 

A perfect sponsorship deck template will attract the attention of the investor and would keep him engaged during the entire presentation. While selecting a template, always prefer a simple template with subtle color combinations. Do not choose a vibrant template as the investor would focus on the colors instead of the content and it’ll confuse him. The fonts on the slides should always be of the same font family, don’t use different fonts for every slide as it looks amateurish and unprofessional.

You should design the sponsorship template in a manner that all the important details of your project can be compiled easily. The slides must look professional because you are going to pitch for a partnership and poorly designed slides will not do the work. If you are having trouble designing a professional presentation, you can take the help of a presentation design agency that would design a professional sponsorship pitch propsoal for you.

Look for a common purpose 

There are some factors you should know about the investor you are going to ask for sponsorship. Research about his reputation in the market, the financial status of the organization, what is the primary business and about the associates of the investor. Knowing these factors will help you in designing the presentation on shared values as a partnership is built on shared values and the strategy to achieve that common goal. As sponsorship is a partnership so if you find that common ground, the partnership will last for a longer period.

The shared values must be presented clearly in the presentation with an action plan on how are you intending to accomplish that goal. Always mention that how this partnership is profitable for the investor because that will motivate him to act. Mention the rate of investment the investor will get and why should he choose your organization are important points which will leave a positive impression on the investor and increase your chance of securing the sponsorship.

Consult a professional agency for the presentation 

A sponsorship pitch proposal is important for your organization and you don’t want to miss a chance to secure the sponsorship. But, sometimes you have too much on your plate and don’t have the time to design a presentation. In that case, consult a presentation design agency to design your presentation. They will design a perfect and professional presentation for your sponsorship pitch proposal with relevant content, powerful visuals, and infographics so the investor will remain engaged during the presentation and you can focus on the vocational part of the presentation.

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