How to Find Business Information about Companies in India?

How to Find Business Information about Companies in India?

If you are an entrepreneur looking for viable partners or investors, it is extremely crucial for you to gather information about them before you enter an agreement. However, if the business you are trying to get into a partnership with is a private one, getting their complete and accurate information can seem a little daunting.

However, there are quite a few B2B database providers that could help you with this process. The company information India that you receive from these tools can help you make an informed decision. It would also aid in formulating sales and marketing tactics for B2B businesses. So how can you exactly find comprehensive information about any company? Read on to know more:

What Exactly is a B2B Database Provider?

Simply put, a B2B database features a compilation of contact information of your prospects. In the earlier days, the B2B data providers started only as selling contact information. Since the right database provider focuses on the firmographic information of the target audience it is essential for businesses that hope to achieve better customer engagement. It also provides you with detailed information about the businesses like company management, financial information, legal cases and more.

However, that is not all. Modern database providers are now equipped with functionality that allows the sales teams to identify and target potential buyers. A B2B database provider also provides pipeline prediction, data hygiene, CRM management and so much more.

How to Get Company Information India through a B2B database provider:

There are quite a few online business intelligence platforms like Dun and Bradstreet’s (D&B) iAccess that provide you with the required information about the company in an organised way. This detailed information can play a vital role in the decision-making process while also contributing to the data acquisition process.

To find a company’s information you can simply use the company search feature of D&B iAccess. Once selected, you will be shown a wide array of company information India available on the D&B cloud. If you want additional reports on the company, you can also purchase them from the website.

D&B’s Indian company directory lists key information on more than 7.71 million businesses in the country. They source this data from more than 100 authentic sources guaranteeing the credibility of the information.

The tool also features a ‘Watchlist” feature that runs regular online compliance checks to list down potential red flag entities. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that are looking to enter into new partnerships as it would ascertain whether this business relationship offers more risk than security.

This authoritative SaaS platform also helps you target prospects by giving you complete access to the largest Indian company database. The best highlight of this tool is that you can use a free account to access specific company information in India and pay a nominal amount only if you require any additional reports.

This comprehensive tool has eliminated the entire need of entering business partnerships solely on good faith. Protect your business from massive risks by signing up to the D&B platform right away!

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