How to Find The Perfect Accessories For Your Phone

How to Find The Perfect Accessories For Your Phone

It is an irrefutable fact that our phones have become an inextricable part of our daily routine. Phones have come to replace several other gadgets in our lives – be it notepads, alarm clocks, contact books, calendars, calculators, etc. The need to pamper our phones with unique accessories and the added requirement to protect our phones have grown predominant.

Which accessories and protective gear do your phones need? Read on to find out and discover phone accessories shops near me.

Protective cases

The need to protect the back of your phone with a case is of paramount importance irrespective of what phone you use. Thin cases like hard cases and glass cases are mostly for decorative purposes. Personalised hard cases are currently a trend in the accessories market. Rugged cases offer heavy duty protection and are ideal for protecting your phone if you are a clumsy user. Wallet cases are useful if you store credit cards, ID cards, cash, etc.

The ideal phone case material according to many phone users is a silicone case. While glass cases offer zero protection and hard cases tend to crack easily, silicone cases offer incredible protection. They have a rubbery feel which give the phone extra padding to survive accidental drops.

Screen protectors

Not all screen protectors are intended to protect your screen. While some are merely to help erase off fingerprints and dirt, others are merely to protect the display from surface level scratches and weathering. They don’t protect your phone from drops that can shatter the display.

Tempered glass is the ideal screen protector to keep your display safe. If you are someone who drops your phone on its face several times a day, it is always best to invest in a Gorilla Glass or some other temper while buying your phone.

Power banks

Most phones guarantee at least 24 hours of battery life on an average. But there are some factors that tend to quickly drain your battery. Using the phone’s camera for too long will drain the battery faster, keeping the brightness of the phone too high is not recommended, frequent GPS usage will lower your charge, etc.

It is always a good idea to keep a power bank nearby (which is fully charged) to avoid panic especially when you are on the go. They are very convenient and most power banks come in compact shapes and sizes. This will enable you to simply leave your phone charging in your handbag while you attend a meeting or fully charge your phone on the way to work.

Phone holders

Now that most phones come with built-in GPS and voice-controlled navigation systems, the need for phone holders in cars has increased. Holding your phone to your ear to attend a call is very risky and having to scroll through your phone to look for a location will require you to take your eyes off the road. Phone holders are ideal as they ‘hold’ your phone for you and can be attached at eye level to catch quick glances at your phone while driving.

Bluetooth headphones

Despite being packed with cool built-in features, most phones don’t come with good speakers. Most phones don’t even have a headphone jack and some phones have very low-quality earphones that are sold while purchasing the phone.

The good news is Bluetooth headphones and earphones with enhanced sound quality are hitting the shops. Not only are these good for taking phone calls while having your hands free, they also offer amazing music sound quality. What’s more, Bluetooth speakers, keyboards and gaming controllers are becoming a versatile connectivity option for people who are tired of untangling long wires. They help you go completely wireless and are yet affordable and reliable.


Most people have only one criterion while buying phone chargers – does it fit my phone? But there are a lot more questions you need to ask if you are looking for long-lasting chargers.

Does it support the fast charging feature of your phone? If it doesn’t, then the whole point of buying a phone with fast charging capability is useless as you have to wait all day for your phone to charge. Does it suit the capacity you need? Is it the right size and shape to fit in your pocket or bag? Is the charging cable long enough? Does it have the right ports to fit your phone? If your phone requires a USB type-A, you can’t buy a charger with USB type-C. Similarly, if you can find a charger that fits both your iPad as well as iPhone, then you have a win-win!

Miscellaneous accessories

Some other gadgets would include selfie sticks, Smartphone camera lenses and tripod stands. Smartphone lenses are becoming increasingly popular, as you can improve the quality of your phone’s camera just by attaching a lens over it. Tripods, especially octopus tripods have become popular as they let you fix your phone/DSLR in one place.

If you are looking for phone accessories shops near me that guarantee both range of products as well as top quality, head to The Chennai Mobiles.

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