How to Get the Best Quote for LCL Shipping?

How to Get the Best Quote for LCL Shipping?

No two supply chains are similar; this means a thing that works better for one company may put another company in a red zone. For instance, not every company needs to daydream about the container’s interior dimensions and consolidation centers. It is time to realize that LCL or less than container load shipping can also work the best, too. 

With the LCL shipping option, it becomes possible to meet modern businesses’ needs using a static means of transport mode. LCL can also help the companies to adapt and focus their attention on aspects that matter the most, that is, expanding the reach and selling more. 

However, when it comes to using LCL shipping, it is important to get the best international container shipping ratesAfter all, opting for LCL should save you money and not the other way around. 

So, use the tips mentioned below to get reliable estimates on your LCL shipping needs.

1- Request quotes from multiple freight forwarders: Obtaining multiple quotes from different freight forwarders will not only allow you to choose the best price but will give you an insight into market rates, too. Therefore, helping you to understand LCL shipping rates and charges even better. 

Besides, sometimes not all quotes are equal to the market rates. But, when you know the range, it becomes easy to compare. 

2- Ensure to take the pallet dimension into account: Whenever you request the quote, the supplier may also provide the information of box dimension for your good. But, ensure to request the same, including the pallets. 

This is because pallets take the container space. This is the same space you will be charged based on. 

3- Keep in mind, fragile goods will need more space: Typically, pallets are stacked one above another in the container to maximize the available space. But, if your freight contains fragile items like flat-screen TVs, then stacking may be the last thing you want to happen. 

This means the shipment company will leave most space in the container to safeguard your prized possession. This will eventually increase the space for your container, resulting in increased price, too. 

4- Prevent the hidden LCL charges by using port-to-port services: If you think that the LCL prices are too high at the end, then that may be because of other hidden charges. 

One way to soften the expense blow is by booking port-to-door or door-to-door service for LCL. This is because such services can offer discounts at the origin. But, it is important that the quote includes the service to your door in it; only then all the charges will be validated in advance. 

5- Gain information on the container’s interior dimension: Just because a container says 20ft, it doesn’t mean that the insides are 20ft, too. So, make sure to determine the container’s inner dimensions, too. This way, you will understand how much container space you will require for the freight you have; therefore, helping you to determine if FCL or LCL is a better option or not. 

6- Inform about special requirements: Besides fragile items, shipments contain special goods and items, too. If you need to send across special requirement items like pharmaceuticals, temperature-controlled or perishable goods, then letting the same known to the shipping company is important. 

This is because special requirement items will require dedicated spaces to be safe and sound throughout the journey. Keeping the same with other pallets in the container can prove damaging to the items. 

Again, with special requirements, the shipment company will offer more space for your items. This can increase the cost of the shipment. 

Bottom line

Following the tips mentioned above will not only help you get the best LCL shipping quotes but aid in streamlining the procedure too. 

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