How To Keep Your Flowers Looking Fresh
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How To Keep Your Flowers Looking Fresh

How To Keep Your Flowers Looking Fresh

Flowers bring a pop of colour and life to any dull space. Whether you are decorating a room or giving a splash of coluor to your outdoor garden, these amazing blossoms never fail to impress. If you are looking for ways to improve the longevity of your flowers and keep it in their fresh and vibrant state, check out this list of helpful tips to preserve the vitality of your flowers.

1. Take good care of your flowers

In most local flower shops, florists make sure that the flowers they give to their customers are in good condition. So, in the event that you receive flowers, make sure to care for the flowers for it to stay alive longer. The first thing you must do is to look for a vase and the proper place to display them. Take the flowers and inspect all of their features. Then, cut flowers on their stems at least two inches long. Take a sharp pair of garden shears to trim the stem to a certain angle.

By doing so, you allow the flower to have better water flow from the stem to the petals. This would also provide better positioning for the flowers when placed in a vase of your choice.

2. Make sure to place them in water

It is important to keep note that flowers would not last long without water. As soon as you finished the initial inspection and was able to cut the flower stems, you should arrange them in the most comfortable way that can be for the flowers to live longer. To keep the flowers alive longer, they should be placed in a vase with water right away. Room temperature water is ideal for a flower to stay in. Do not simply replace the water but ensure that the vase is cleaned as well at least every two or three days.

3. Remove dead or loose petals

Other than maintaining how the flowers look, this step can prevent any bacterial growth that can hinder any life-preserving methods that you are doing for your flowers. This step gives sort of a nourishing element to your flower, it keeps the flowers alive longer. This is usually known as pruning. Check your flowers daily and remove the dead leaves and petals that fell from the flowers. Also, when the leaves are removed, shy flowers can allow them to fully open up. Overall, this process can avoid any potential rot or buildup.

4. Store your flowers in a cool room

By cool it does not necessarily mean in a cold and freezing place but in a room where there is a decent temperature. The flowers would surely last longer and will be kept longer if it is in a place where the temperature is controlled. Avoid any area that can cause your flowers to quickly dehydrate. Fruits especially ripening ones release small amounts of ethylene gas, this can affect your flower arrangement. It will leave an impact on your flowers and diminish their longevity and freshness.

5. Check other household items for quick solutions

You do not have to be limited with just doing the aforementioned items and steps stated. There are a couple of interesting ways that you can do or utilize to keep flowers lasting longer. These include but are not limited to:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar with Sugar – this concoction can serve as flower food for your arrangement. Vinegar acts as an antibacterial agent. What you can do is mix two parts of the ACV and water along with the sugar into your vase before adding your flowers.
  • Bleach – grab a fourth of a teaspoon amount of bleach and add it into the vase of fresh flowers. It can keep your water clear and even fight bacteria.
  • Aspirin – this can lower the pH level of the water, which allows water to properly hydrate your flowers. With one crushed aspirin, it can prevent your flowers from wilting.
  • Vodka – add a few drops to your flowers. The spirit in vodka can inhibit ethylene production. It can slow down the wilting effects in your flowers.
  • Soda – pour in a fourth cup of soda into the vase and this would act as flower food and can prolong freshness for up to ten days.
  • Fridge – storing it inside the fridge can prolong the life of your blossoms, as long as there is extra space inside your cool appliance. The low temperature can be a necessary element to slow aging and can even keep it healthy.


Knowing a lot of useful tips to preserve the freshness of your flowers can be beneficial. Do not simply leave the task of keeping the flowers alive and fresh longer to the florists who arranged them in the flower shops. You should still take care of it regularly and follow these steps.

Flowers are amazing bundles of joy that people should appreciate more. With the tips and tricks shared, you would be given more time to spend basking in the ambiance that these vibrant blooms exude. Care for these flowers and surely they can prolong that smile on your face, too.

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