How to Style Your Bed Like a Designer?

How to Style Your Bed Like a Designer?

Styling your bed like a designer might appear a difficult thing for many people. As an unpleasant or poor bed styling would negatively affect the aura of an entire room. Make it your priority to style your bed like a pro. Add various bed accessories, throw style, know bed dressing hacks, perfectly get the fitted bed sheets, get a comfortable duvet, and covers it would do it all. But don’t forget to get matching patterned colours in preference to your room for your bedsheet.

Try to add a luxury memory foam mattress to give a hint of a super stylish and comfortable bed. A memory foam mattress is a high-quality mattress with an added value of durability and ease.

How to Style Your Bed Like a Designer?

This detailed guide would assist you in styling your bed like a professional designer. 

Get a Freshly Fitted Sheet

Initiate with putting the luxurious and patterned freshly fitted laundered sheets. Make the foundation of your bed by putting the tailored sheets on it. You can use Egyptian cotton, which is known to have a soft silky feel. Sheets must be exclusively over the edges of the mattress, with a deep pocket, so they fit snug. Get soft white sheets which are convenient to bleach to get clean, washable and are accessible with every bedding set; moreover, they also add to the crisp of the bed. Add little lemongrass essential oil, giving a pleasant aroma to them. 

Add on a Crown Sheet

To give an expensive deluxe appeal of top-class interior decoration of expensive boutique hotels, use a crown sheet to add-on to layers. Fold back over the top of your duvet to uncover any quiet detailing and add an extra wow factor to your bed; lay the flat sheet on your bed upside down, make sure it’s smooth, soft, and silky. 

Choose a High-Quality Duvet 

Get a duvet and duvet cover for the further coverage of turning your bed into pro designed ones. After putting a fitted and crown sheet, here comes a high-quality duvet. Moreover, encase in a 100% cotton duvet cover for a bed that looks as lovely as it feels, elects a plump duvet to build a cosy and welcoming finish. A duvet should be in accordance with the weather conditions, lighter in summers and warmer for the winter season. Go for neutral colours such as white coloured bedding or the nude colours to accentuate the glamour and give a hint of crips to your bedding area and high-quality mattress. 

You Will Need Throws

It’s time to add a sidekick to your bedding. Now certify it’s not too neatly folded along the bottom of the bed, as throws are still a prodigious styling device for bed décor. You can drape over the corner of the bed, for throws should now look more informal.

Add-on a Bedspread

Don’t be shy to bring in the bedspread for a touch of luxe décor. For the colour lovers, a potent colour element would be the focal point of the room; also it would be good for seasonal updates of beddings, so you can add on a bedspread which would be quite helpful. 

Perfectly Plumped Pillow Piles

plumped Pillow Piles

For a good night’s sleep, perfectly plumped pillow piles would be a dream come true. You can, at the head of your bed, put 2-3 layered pillows. Dark navy-blue coloured pillows with a classical gold colour would give out a priceless royal appearance to your bed place. As per your preference, add an oxford border pillowcase, nude coloured, matte, silk material with strong hues to give out a sophisticated yet extravagant look. 

Embellished Cushions

Embellished cushions would add a designer feel to your room. Introduce the best colours, size, pattern, shape and even texture with an optimal adornment in accordance with your taste and preferences. The right choice would do the trick and add sophistication, glamour, and class to the bedding, focus on the blend and richness of colours you are going to add. 

Wrap Lightweight Knitted Blanket

Finish the look with a draped lightweight knitted blanket to enhance the richness of your bedroom. Perfectly knitted light blanket with shades of tea pink, navy blue, blood red, sea green or patterned stripes of white and black would do the magic!

Final Thoughts

Give a deluxe appeal after finishing the perfect fitting sheets, crown sheet, comfortable duvet, throws, embellished cushions and perfectly knitted lightweight blank. Don’t miss your chance! to accentuate the décor with sophisticated and royal hues, high-quality mattress. 

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