Cracked Phone Screen? Hit Up iDemiGods For iPhone 5C Parts and More

Cracked Phone Screen? Hit Up iDemiGods For iPhone 5C Parts and More

We’ve all been there – the phone dropped seemingly gently out of a pocket that hits a table or the ground. The screen looks like it has been riddled by an 8-pound sledgehammer. Usually, fixing this requires a trip back to the supplier, like the Apple store, to make an appointment and then get an astronomical quote to fix it. It doesn’t make matters any more enjoyable that companies like Apple have specifically created technology that uses parts and requires repairs in such a fashion so as to bind the users to their vertical supply chain. Unless you were a particularly technologically savvy phone user, up until now, that measure only served to add a particularly bitter sense of rankling insult to injury. But today, today we can shop at for those impossible to find and proprietary parts of phones, and with a bit of research and maybe a few helpful videos, we’re well on our way to making those repairs in half the time at well less than half the cost.


Suppose you own an iPhone 5C. That phone will have served you well for years, but years of hard service dictate breakdowns, and even if that breakdown is something that can almost be called routine like the loss of battery performance, that still requires a visit to the Apple store for a technician to diagnose and replace. No longer – we can now shop with confidence at iDemiGods for the battery replacements we need, along with the tools to remove and replace parts and complete the repair with total confidence. But that’s just a battery, and everyone’s battery gets old. Even if you suffer from a less conventional failure of equipment, like a cracked screen or lost screws that cause everything to fall apart, iDemiGods has your back. For iPhone 5C Parts, and all other manners of technology, iDemiGods has what you need. If you need to replace a screen, you’ll find the whole assembly there. If you need to replace a home button or a power button or a bracket, you’ll find them all at iDemiGods at excellent prices. For even the most obscure of parts like the vibrator assembly or a grounding cable, you’ll find them there. No matter the nature of the service or the part you need, for iPhone 5C parts, iDemiGods simply can’t be beaten.

But guess what – it doesn’t stop with iPhone 5C, or even with Apple. Although you’ll be able to find parts for iPhones of all makes and issue, along with iPad and iPod parts, you’ll find parts for Samsung devices as well. But iDemiGods doesn’t just leave you with the raw materials and then send you off into the wilds of technological engineering to fend for yourself, not at all. You can even find the tools you’ll need to make the repairs at iDemiGods, just as easily as those previously impossible to find parts. IDemiGods has freed us from the yoke of vertical integration and shattered the monopoly of supply. Free to now pursue your own replacements for your phones and other devices, the sky is your limit. IDemiGods also offers excellent customer service, even going so far as to help with device identification and helping you find the right parts you need to fix your device. The next time a minor mishap befalls you, leading to a cracked screen or a missing button or screw, don’t go running for the Apple store. Head right over to They’ll help you figure out what you need and you’ll be sure to find the parts to do your own work in half the time at half the price.

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