Important questions to answer while applying for a freelance job

Important questions to answer while applying for a freelance job

Freelancing is about being self-employment and doing specific pieces of work for various clients. There can be a lot of life circumstances that may make a freelancing business the perfect path for you. However, the freedom of freelancing comes with its own challenges. Dedicated and intentional efforts should be made if you want to succeed and enjoy your freelance career to the utmost. You should be really prepared to work in such a way, otherwise, your life can become a living hell. Try to answer the following questions honestly before making a decision.


Is freelancing right for me?

Are you really ready to go solo? Freelancing seems to be an ideal way of making money for those who want to work from home but you should clearly understand that it isn`t for everyone. Actually, freelancing presents its own unique challenges and worries. Do you consider yourself to be self-confident, self-disciplined, self-motivated, and self-reliant? Do you have the temperament to work on your own? Do you have a specific skill set that your potential clients would take advantage of? Think carefully about the reasons that make you become a freelance.

Do I like my client for whom I do some job?

Work for people you really like. Stop working for clients who are too difficult, who don`t pay you what you worth, and who don`t value you at all. However, you should realize that everything depends on you here. You will attract grateful and loyal customers only if you manage to convince them that you are capable, trustworthy, and easy to communicate with. You should also present yourself as an expert who can solve their specific problems.

Am I excited about the project?

You should be definitely excited about the work you perform. Job satisfaction is something that can make you more productive. The project you are going to work on as a freelancer should give you the opportunity to improve your skills and collaborate with other awesome people. You should have an unstoppable passion for it in order to constantly feel motivated. Just fall in love with the process of fulfilling a certain task and don`t stay in a job that makes you miserable.

Is this project something I can use for my freelance portfolio?

It is really important to show off the best examples of your works if you are going to take the plunge into freelancing. That`s why you should build a collection of work you`re proud of in order to enhance your personal brand, give employers a feel for your skills, and attract new customers. Undertake only those projects that might become a part of your portfolio.

How much time it will take me to complete this project?

Be always ready to invest a lot of time into your freelance projects. It is said that a freelancer usually works more hours a week than an average employee. You should definitely learn how to work in a smart way that is to organize and use your working time efficiently and stop yourself from getting distracted. Just bear in mind that you work to live not live to work. Don`t forget to find this work-life balance while working as a freelancer.

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How much do I have to charge?

Setting prices for your writing services is one of the most important aspects of your successful freelance business. It would be a wise idea to keep the competition in mind when setting your rates. Don`t price your freelance rates too low in order not to undervalue your work and hurt your credibility. It is also not recommended to price them too high since you can find it harder to attract potential customers. Try to set prices that show the value of your work and what you are worth. There is one more thing that is definitely worth remembering – freelancing doesn`t come with a set salary.

How exactly can I find work when becoming a freelancer?

Finding a freelance project on today`s job market that can truly inspire you and get you excited seems to be really challenging. Look for something truly suitable for you by surfing different freelance job websites and your favorite social networks. You can also contact companies directly to ask if you can be an assistant. Just remember that job opportunities don`t knock, they present themselves when you beat down the door.

The Bottom Line

Your road as a freelancer will be filled with both successes and failures. You will have to build your personal brand, price your freelance services, and get grateful clients to come to you.

Do you have enough strength and courage to take all these difficult steps to successfully start a freelance career? In any case, do not be afraid to make the official jump to freelancing if you are sure that you possess all the appropriate skills and personal traits that this kind of job requires. Work for your success and stay passionate about what you do.

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