Adapt to New IoT Requirements by Partnering with Competent Internet of Things Companies

Adapt to New IoT Requirements by Partnering with Competent Internet of Things Companies

IoT is predicted to change the way we live. It is a transformational technology with great potential. But, due to lack of support from IoT vendors, many enterprises are failing to capitalize on this emerging technology. This is the perfect time for telcos to strategize and build new bonds with their customers by providing them bundled services across different verticals. But for this to happen, they need the help of reliable Internet of Things companies.

What is needed for Exploiting IoT to its Maximum?

To exploit IoT for maximum business gains, CSPs need to realize the most pressing needs of their customers. One of the biggest requirements of IoT customers is bundled services that meet their exact requirements. In order to accomplish this task and fulfil other similar requirements, telcos may need to venture into unchartered territories. Case in point being: they may have to start dealing in different verticals, of which, they might not have sufficient knowledge of. It can be a difficult decision to tackle IoT this way, especially when you are all alone. A better way to approach this situation is by taking help of an IoT services provider with years of experience in this line of work.

How an IoT Services Provider Can Help You?

Some of the most important services that an IoT services provider can help you with are:

  1. Data connectivity for different business use cases: For most IoT sensors and devices to work as per expectations, you need to have low-latency and high speed data connectivity. But in some cases, you would also need low power alternatives to prevent quick sensor discharge and traverse through basements and other inaccessible areas. Therefore, you should always partner with a machine to machine connectivity provider that is versatile and has access to all the relevant technologies.
  2. Real-time billing – IoT transactions need to be charged in real-time to ensure complete accuracy in billing. Therefore, you should partner with a vendor that has a 3GPP-compliant Online Charging System (OCS) that charges transactions in real-time and prevents revenue leakage.
  3. APIs for fulfilling different business requirements: A lot of hardware and software is required to run an IoT platform. You would need batteries, SIMs, wireless cameras, payment terminals and a lot more. By partnering with a competent IoT services provider, you can make use of their existing partnerships to procure all the hardware and software that you would ever need. This can be done by installing APIs, which instantly allow you to connect with services providers across different verticals. For example, if you need a vendor to distribute IoT SIMs, then you can install an API and instantly connect with a shipping vendor. At Telgoo5, you get access to multiple APIs for different business use cases.
  4. Reporting and analytics – The sheer number of IoT transactions make them hard to track and manage. But, a good vendor can offer you comprehensive reporting capabilities. At Telgoo5, you get access to a slave database that is updated by the master database. Also, you get analytics capabilities to generate new insights from customers’ service usage behaviour.

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