Is Gearbest Retailer Legit?

Is Gearbest Retailer Legit?

Is Gearbest legit? That’s the question most people who are looking for an eBay seller ask. I was asking the same question before I started buying from them. I’m now one month into their membership and I can say that it’s pretty legit. But I’ll also share my experience to help you determine if it’s what you should go for as well.

Gearbest is totally legit. It’s a popular auction website and shipping and retailer site, which began in 2021. Like any other online seller, it always ships its products within to about 15 days after payment. If your product is defective upon receipt, you can either contact them for a quick refund or resend the item. In case of a problem, they will always provide you with excellent customer service.

Their prices are a bit higher than others in the market but not by much. If you’re looking for low priced electronics, then probably other ecommerce websites or wholesalers would be the right choice for you. However, Gearbest delivers at the cheapest prices in town. As I said earlier, this is why they are considered as a very good choice as wholesaler and ecommerce warehouse.

Retailer Legit?

If you think that this wholesaler and warehouse business are only for those who are knowledgeable in electronics, then you’re totally wrong. They also ship to many different countries and specific regions. For example, they ship to China, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Taiwan and so on. So even if you don’t live in any of these specific regions, you can still get the products you need. The positive reviews from customers definitely reflect this fact.

When it comes to SaleHoo, there are quite a number of sites like it. Some of them have more positive reviews than others but this shouldn’t be a factor when deciding where to buy wholesale electronics. A credible site like SaleHoo does have its own set of questions like those of other wholesale websites. This means that it can only be legitimate if it has enough valid and high quality products to sell.

Gearbest legit

While reading through the positive feedbacks of these wholesale electronics, one question lingers in the mind of readers. There are some sites like this but most of them use free addresses of distributors and manufacturers to show on their website pages.

These wholesalers and distributors are just the tip of the iceberg. The real issue that most of the customers ask is about the legitimacy of this ecommerce platform. These customers are just right looking for an ecommerce platform that is easy to use and does everything they need. But is Gearbest legit?

As we all know, China is considered as the birth place of scams. This is why most of the scam accusations do originate from China. Is Gearbest legit because of the presence of over 50 distributors from China? This may not be a definite answer but at least you have an idea that this ecommerce website may not be a scam after all. However, this can still be considered as a minus point for it can be easy to get deceived by unscrupulous scammers posing as legitimate businesses.

One of the main things you have to look into is the shipping method. It is important that you will receive your products on time. The company has three kinds of shipping method. You can either choose to have your items shipped through regular air freight, priority cargo and lastly the second option is the use of third party warehouses. This shipping method will increase additional import duties on your item so make sure to look into this before placing your order. In addition, these warehouses may not have adequate warehouse facilities so expect your shipment to be delayed or get damaged.


It is also important to check the credibility of the company because China is one of the largest sources of fraud. The rates of postage for the shipping methods stated on the site is also a big red flag. There are cases that companies in China would increase the rate just to have you send the products. Is Gearbest legit because of these possible scamming strategies used by the company? Most probably not because they have an excellent tracking system to ensure that the client’s card details are kept confidential and private.

The best way to determine if the site is a scam or not is by asking around on forums and review sites. Remember that you should not believe everything that you read on the internet because there is always a reason to doubt. Also, before buying wholesale electronics from China, you should do some homework first especially if you are new to this industry. Read about the pros and cons of buying wholesale electronics so you would know what to look out for and avoid when you do business with China.

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