| Pakistan’s No. 1 CV Builder and Automated Job Portal | Pakistan’s No. 1 CV Builder and Automated Job Portal is a nationwide employment search engine company headquartered in Lahore, Pakistan and has been taking the hardship out of finding and fulfilling job needs since August, 2016.’s innovative website shows job listings from thousands of known corporations, associations, and institutions and serves up hiring solutions for both employers, corporations and those seeking a new job.

Their slogan, “Create a Buzz,” resonates in many capacities, as this company is doing just that in the job seek and find industry.  The company seems to be making quite a few waves these days. From releasing a culture video that shows their company’s innovative, fun and startup culture to their highly curated job matching services, they are leaving a mark in their very own unique way.

Fareeha Sufder is an American based Pakistani, Co-Founder and CEO of first came up with the idea for the company when she noticed that fresh graduates were still finding it difficult to navigate the ever-changing hiring and employment world.

“In today’s fast-paced hiring culture, selecting suitable resume formats and then knowing how to structure the content in a way that captures one’s uniqueness and impresses a potential employer can be an overwhelming task,” Sufder adds. After much collaboration, her team decided to launch a free CV Builder.

The CV building wizard is very simple and guides the user through creating resume sections that beautifully come together to highlight the strengths of each job seeker. The users also get a choice of six CV templates – All free of cost and completely customizable!

Companies need affordable hiring solutions and a streamlined hiring process. The candidates need their stories heard and they need a platform that’s not throwing thousands of irrelevant resumes at a single job posting. Jobee’s highly curated matching algorithms saves time and money for both employers and job seekers as their goal is to only present true and relevant matches. The focus appears to be on quality vs quantity.

CV Builder and Jobs in PakistanHow is different from other job portals? is committed to reducing unemployment and they seem to go the extra mile in guiding both candidates and companies. We love their company culture and their initiatives to give back to the community. They’ve recently launched Jobee Cares where they are joining hands with many non-profits!

Today is a leader in the job search market and below is a list of their offerings:

CV Templates and Wizard: With a step by step wizard that builds the resume, job seekers get a choice of six beautiful and customizable templates to pick from and at no charge.

Free CV Review: Their free CV review services is very beneficial as it guides the candidates in the areas where they can improve.

CV Writing Service: To up a candidate’s resume game, they can hire a Jobee CV Writing Expert. Their site promises to deliver a CV to stand out and impress.

Hiring Solutions:’s Hiring Solutions appear to be the talk of the town. Whether you are looking for a scalable recruitment offering or searching for experienced professionals, there are bundled packages and headhunting services available.

If a job seeker in Pakistan wants to find out the best jobs in Pakistan, he can create his resume at easily and apply for the most appropriate opportunity according to his skills, qualifications and experience.

Not to mention, most of the services for employers are still free with unlimited job postings and free applicant data access. If you are interested in getting to know more about, their CEO Fareeha, and all the clever bees who help create a buzz behind the scenes, more can be found online at

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