LED Walls for Business Conferences – is it a good idea?

LED Walls for Business Conferences – is it a good idea?

A while back, a video was limited to projectors. Technological changes have, however, brought forth advancements that were previously unimaginable. People were limited to squinting to understand better what the screen displayed. Now, the fine images feel like they are almost jumping out of the screen.

In addition to the clarity, tech is no longer limited by size. In fact, there are entire walls of moving pictures, which brings us to LED Walls. These boast a lot of credit in contrast with LCD TVs and projectors, clearly displaying the message and allowing business owners to be creative.

Let’s dig out more reasons why LED walls are a significant idea but first here is a look at what a LED wall is:

What is a LED wall?

Guesswork from the name suggests that LED walls are full walls covered with LED displays. To add to its definition, LED walls are indeed, full-wall displays of high quality LED screens put together to present content as a single screen.

In simple words, LED walls are made up of multiple LED screens that work in cohesion to display content. These screens boast an incredibly high quality of display picture because each component conducts and emits its own light.

LEDs and LCDs – what the difference?

Often LCDs and LEDs are confused as one. Although identical, both the screen types are pretty different. Essentially, LEDs came after LCDs and are advanced versions of the latter. The liquid crystals in an LCD display do not emit light to create an image.

Instead, they are dependent on backlighting to exhibit the image. Thus, the product is a low-resolution picture. On the flip side, each diode in a LED display produces light. This is why it does not need to rely on backlighting to produce an image.

As the dependence on backlighting is subtracted from the equation, the image quality goes up drastically. This is why video walls made of LED screens showcase high-resolution picture quality. The LED wall is composed of multiple tiles of different sizes, which work in harmony to present video content. As each diode emits its light, the end results is a vivid, high-resolution video.

LEDs and projectors – how the former wins over the latter

Besides the LCD, projectors have mostly dominated the business conference landscape. The significant difference between the two is the picture quality. Projectors provide an average quality of the picture. They also lose brightness over time.

In the first year of their use itself, projectors lose 30% of their brightness. That is not the case with LED displays though. They don’t lose their brightness over time. LEDs are known for their long lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. Besides, you always have the option of both purchasing or renting LED walls for events such as from AV Rental Dallas.

Furthermore, projectors still face a tough time in displaying deeply saturated colors such as black. As compared to LED displays, their contrast is also poor. Therefore, the benefits of LED walls weigh significantly over projectors, making them a good idea for your business conference.

Unearthing the benefits of LED walls for a business conference

By now, it is clear that LED walls are excellent for business conferences owing to their high-quality display. Here are two more reasons why video walls are valuable for conferences:

1) These allow you to be creative

LED video walls can allow entrepreneurs to be creative. Your conference gets the required video support from a wall of crisp quality images. Besides, businesses can creatively use LED walls for attracting their audience.

For instance, these can be employed in trade shows that tend to be boring often. A high-resolution display that covers the entire wall can never fail to catch the audience’s attention though. Similarly, offices can display brand messages and leave an impact with LED walls.

2) LED walls don’t limit conferences to certain locations

When it comes to projectors, you are often limited to specific places such as hotel conference halls. You can’t conduct a gathering where there is ambient light as that makes it tough to see the projected image.

This matter doesn’t hinder the image quality of LED walls. Also, projectors demand unimpeded space. That is not so with video walls. Moreover, low ceilings or low-hanging fixtures do not impact their results.

Wrap up

LED walls offer a stellar quality of video that can amaze your audience, making your message clearer with the right visual support, and increase your audience’s video engagement. All these pointers are the much-needed components of a business conference.

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