Major Trade Show Exhibits Mistakes To Avoid In 2017

Major Trade Show Exhibits Mistakes To Avoid In 2017

Tradeshows are the corporate promotional events that are quickly gaining popularity in today’s time as these allow the company people to directly interact with their potential customers, in person. Tradeshows are basically held to help businesses promote their products and services by giving live demonstrations and presentations. You can easily interact with your potential customers to know about their needs and behaviour better. You can also have live question answer sessions with them while promoting our new products and services effectively. But to be successful in a trade show exhibits, you need to avoid few mistakes, which are listed below.

1. Extremely Bigger Or Smaller
So if you are being a part of an expo, you need to understand the level which you will be participating. For example, if you are a first time exhibitor then you need to start small for gaining experience and if you have been in many exhibits, then you will know better to go small or big. So if you are not properly planning things and going either too big or too small, then there are chances that you might undergo a huge loss.

2. Awful Graphics

Graphics are one of the most essential things of your trade show booths, as these not only represent your business nature but also help in attracting more customers. Visual images tend to catch sight better and longer than textual content. So if you are using awful graphics on the booth, then you are going to experience lesser number of customers than you will generally have. So make sure to use high quality graphics that are not only attractive but they should also complement your business nature perfectly.

3. Wrong Staff

If you are at a tradeshow, your staff is the key factor for the success of your public expo. The reason behind this is that they are the ones who are going to welcome the audience and give them demonstrations as well. Moreover these staffers will be representing your business, products and services, so if they are not willing to be at the tradeshow or they are not trained at handling customers and in giving presentations, then you are surely going to experience bad response at a tradeshow. Always take that staff that totally is dedicated and loves your company in every way.

4. Not Utilizing Social Media

Social Media is one of the strongest and widely spread mediums of digital promotion. So if you are attending a tradeshow but not socializing it to your followers, then you might experience very few visitors as they might not know about your company being at the tradeshow. You need to utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Let your potential customers know that you will be present at the tradeshow by spreading the word through promotions and other social marketing techniques. The more your potential customers will know about it, the more audience you will experience at the exhibit.

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