Marcio Garcia de Andrade: Hang-gliding to success

Marcio Garcia de Andrade: Hang-gliding to success

In the last ten years, Marcio Garcia de Andrade has founded many successful online companies, repeatedly establishing himself as a go-to leader for businesses looking for fast financing solutions. Among Andrade’s companies are several that promise fast unsecured loans, as well as others that help businesses elevate their credit rating rapidly, in as short a period as 30-60 days.

For example, provides clean corporate shells with histories and positive credit ratings, and enables client companies to help their credit scores skyrocket by partnering with host credit accounts owned by people with stronger credit. Both companies were founded by Andrade, and promise fast solutions for businesses in need.

“We are not only focused on getting businesses the necessary funding but we also help them to enhance their credit history to make them more eligible for the required business loans,” stated Marcio.

Grand Teton Professionals, LLC is Andrade’s current venture, which manages and coordinates professionals from around the world to help businesses achieve smooth, secure, and efficient operations with respect to programming, web design, marketing, SEO, administration, legal services, social media, content creation, human resources, and promotion. While Andrade maintains physical offices in Miami and a sales and services center in the Philippines, most of these professionals contribute from various locations internationally, including across the United States, South America, Eastern and Western Europe, Northern Africa, Asia, and India.

When he’s not managing one of his many companies, Marcio is pursuing his other passions, which include muay thai, bodybuilding, traveling, and hang-gliding.

Marcio Garcia de Andrade was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and studied finance at the University of Florida. During his studies, he founded, his first online company. He sold to Lendio in 2010 – it had been a huge success, consistently occupying the #1 position on Google search results for business loan services. Andrade later studied business at the London School of Economics.

For more about Marcio, visit, or visit his YouTube channel:

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